Essays on Public Media - Campaign Strategy Assignment

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The paper "Public Media - Campaign Strategy " is an outstanding example of a business assignment. Campaigns are vital in handling arising issues in society as they communicate a pre-meditated message with an intended impact. The developer of a campaign message can be an individual, a group of people, governments or even an international organization. In most cases, the larger the source of the message, the larger the campaign and so is the impact. However, the recipient(s) of the message must first be clearly identified and the mode of communicating the message identified.

In most cases, campaigns tend to rely on more than one communication channel to put across their message. Barry (2000) indicates that the type of communication channel chosen is often determined by the scope of the message and the composition and demographics of the target public. The effectiveness of such campaigns depends on a number of factors. Most important among them are; communication channel, proper identification of the intended public, demographics of the intended public, the message itself and timing of the campaign. The communication channel chosen determines whether the message will reach the intended public and whether they will understand it (Barry 2000; Smith 2004).

For instance, a campaign targeting deaf people shall be useless if it is broadcasted through radio because they cannot access the message. Alternatively, a message targeting students of a particular learning institution will not achieve its objectives fully if is not carried out in the particular institution. The issue of timing is also most appropriate. For instance, a campaign condemning fast foods will not be well received in an event sponsored by a fast-food restaurant such as McDonald's.

Overall, organizers must be wary of conflict of interest when it comes to sponsorship. Good examples of campaigns in our modern world are marketing campaigns by a number of corporations selling products and services to the public.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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