Essays on Clem 7 Public Relation Campaign Case Study

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The paper "Clem 7 Public Relation Campaign " is a perfect example of a business case study. The message within this Clem 7 public relation campaign is unique and hence it is likely to be more perceptible. Such construction has not occurred within Brisbane and hence the campaign will be considerably more successful when compared to other road constructions that have been done before. Clem 7 tunnel has been installed with all the appropriate security devices and since security is paramount to travelers, this will be convincing. Therefore, the message regarding the safety measures is very significant in the project. Clem 7 public relation campaign has illustrated all the expected tolls and thus this will inform people of what is required of them.

This informs the public of what to expect and also what has been illustrated in the toll’ s information is what should be charged in the real case. The objective of the campaign was to inform people about the Clem 7 tunnel as well as the benefits that will be there. The public relation campaign illustrates how Clem 7 will bring forth dramatic changes.

This includes a faster drive to the town. Such information is likely to convince the public to use the tunnel since transport congestion is a big problem in Brisbane transportation. From the campaign, Clem 7 project has been portrayed as an amazing construction and that it will transform the traffic flow and as a result, Brisbane drivers will get used to driving within tunnels. This tunnel is will eradicate 24 sets of traffic lights and driving across the town is anticipated to be 30% faster.

This message brings out the benefits the construction will bring. Providing websites for the public to be able to access information regarding Clem 7 is a worthwhile idea. A large number of people will be able to access any important information they need to know. However, the campaign should include everything regarding the tunnels on its website. The phone numbers should be availed for easy enquiry from the public if need be. The Clem 7 public relation campaign is likely to attract media attention because this is a unique and innovative project which will transform the transportation system within Brisbane. The launch of the public Clem 7 public campaign within the internet will offer opportunities to start off a cost-effective online PR campaign.

Instead of sending many press kits both journalists, as well as the Brisbane people, will be reached through the internet. This is possible for them by going to the Clem website and clicking on the company’ s keyboard. This campaign should start by the cultivation of a steady relationship with the key reporters. The messages regarding the campaign should not be sent general e-mail boxes that go to the entire newsroom. In a nutshell, Clem 7 has a Website that opens up an entirely new area for Online Public Relation Campaign.

What this company needs is to provide one-click access from the projects home page as this will enable the visitors and the public to read recent press releases and even the client’ s newsletter. If Clem 7 has the intentions of giving speeches or serving as a panellist at industry conferences, it should list the dates as well as the appearances on the Website.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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