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The paper "Public Relations - Crisis Management" is a great example of management coursework. The travel  sector is one of the sectors in the tourism industry-main concerned with transportation of services. It is the sector that provides movement, comfort, and enjoyments of the tourists. Travelling involves all modes of transport i. e. air, water, and land. Records reveal that the land transport sector is the most commonly used mode of transport in the tourism sector. This is because tourism tends to visits places to see natural beautiful sceneries in various regions.

Thus, land transport means such as roads and railway are the most appropriate and convenient for such travels. This sector is also divided into subsectors, they include; food services, travel agencies, lodgings, sports entertainment, car rental, etc. The travel sector in the tourism industry like other sectors tends to encounter a crisis that sometimes can make the operations to come to standstill. This paper focuses on crisis management in case a crisis hits an organization. The term crisis can be defined as a calling situation that requires some urgency in action to reverse the prevailing situation back to normal.

In other terms, a crisis is an unstable condition that faces the organization and seems to be a threat to the operation of that organization. This unstable situation ought to be acted upon by the stakeholders as fast as possible to return the normal conditions or else it leads to the collapse of the entire organization (Boin, 2008, p2). The definition of the term crisis enables us now to understand what is meant by crisis management which is the process of manipulating the crisis condition to return back the normal conditions.

In other words, crisis management is the process that helps to identify the likely causes of the unstable condition and ways of alleviating this condition to bring back stability. One of the ways used in crisis management in public relations. Public relations is the practice of striving to maintain a healthy relationship between organizations and their employees, customers, investors, partners, and other stakeholders. The activities in public relations aim at issuing the correct and timely information to the targeted audience (Cornelisen, 201, P24). his means that this practice aims at maintaining the brand image of a particular organization in the eyes of the public and any other stakeholders.


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