Essays on Public Relation Management: Case of Keystone XL Pipeline System Case Study

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The paper "Public Relations Management: Case of Keystone XL Pipeline System" is a great perfect example of a case study on marketing. This particular report concerns the Keystone XL Pipeline System. This report will focus on how to approach the issue of public relations in dealing with the situations presented in this case study. The report deals with almost all facets of environmental conservation. The issue at hand in this case study is allowing this controversial pipeline connection from the US to Canada. The analysts have given their perspectives.

At the same time, the specialists in the specialty of environmental conservation have provided their appreciation of the situation. It is upon the main players in this area to make the final decision. Whichever the decision that is finally undertaken; the main stakeholders that will be affected are the community. The effect will emanate from the environmental pollution effects as a result of allowing the pipeline to run as proposed. The other stakeholders that are likely to be affected by this situation include the government, regulators, and employees of this company and customers of the oil products from this company.

The main issue, in this case, is the environmental implication of allowing the proposed pipeline. Introduction There has been a heated debate in the recent past concerning the Keystone XL Pipeline System. The major concern has been the environmental impacts that this pipeline will cause if allowed to link Canada and the US. The build-up controversy has been between the analysts carrying out the survey on behalf of the proponents and on the other hand the environmentalists. The environmentalists are not convinced that the recommendations being made by the proponents are genuine.

They strongly believe that there is something absolutely wrong about the recommendations being leveled by the proponents. Climate scientists like James Hansen have been very vocal on this particular issue. The researchers in this field are convinced that the proposed pipeline will have serious implications. There has not been a point of consensus over this issue. Whichever the decision might be, the community stands out as the public and it will be the most affected by the decision above. Public relations Indeed there is no standard definition of public relations.

Therefore, should we use the literal approach to understanding the meaning of public relations and define public relations as a relationship with the public? Off-course it should not be the case. There have been quite varied definitions of this term. One of the renowned definitions of public relations is the approach preferred by an organization in the treatment of information from the organization to the public (Heath & Vasquez, 2001). This definition captures the key issues in the subject. The need for the organization to understand how to share information with the public is paramount.

It helps maintain the image and the overall outlook of the organization.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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