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First choice holidays. http: //www. firstchoice. co. uk/Public Relations PlanExecutive SummaryThe company is in two major segments, Holiday and Air travel. A common niche for both the segments are identified as corporate tours and commuting packages. Audience for this segment – corporate users are identified and targeted. Direct selling, and projection of the company as an ideal choice for companies offering packages for employees and also for inter city and international fliers is envisaged. Marketing plan for the segment is created with appropriate materials and tag lines. The company is projected with the new image by personal contact, fliers, corporate gifts, personal canvass, and sponsoring travel events for sports and public events. Charitable activities conducted are advertised with a small part of revenue being adjusted to it.

IntroductionThis project attempts to enhance the public relations position of First Choice Holidays & Flights Ltd, a subsidiary of First Choice Holidays PLC. This company is a leading international leisure travel company operating in 4 sectors: Mainstream, Specialist, Activity and Online Destination Services. It also operates as a joint venture in cruise and Island Cruises. It is a major airline operator having its business in the mainstream holiday sector.

The common brand for all services is ‘First Choice’. The company is based at First Choice Holidays PLC, First Choice House, London Road, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 9GX. The objective of this study is to find a solution to enhance and make popular the brand name ‘First Choice’ and see how information can be disseminated among audience that are likely to require its services. Public Relations Mission StatementThe mission of this report shall be to explore ways in which the brand ‘First Choice’ can be made to be positioned in the first rung in the audience mind in the slot for ‘holidays’ and ‘air travel’.

It also shall focus on the Travel Shops, First Choice Airways, First Choice Holidays and the fact that the company is very caring to the environment and people. Public relation is about building a strong presence for a corporate organization in the minds of its prospects. Our aim is to find the proper tactics to be employed to create a corporate identity. Corporate identity means creating the right image and communication it effectively to employees, shareholders and consumers.

Public relations are built around events and happenings. The equation is shown as Reality + Newsworthiness + PR Efforts X time - Memory decay = company image. Corporate identity is a planned self-presentation of the organisation to the outside world. It is influenced by behaviour, communication, symbolism and personality. Corporate image is the cumulative effect of all the impressions of an organisation that develop in peoples minds. This project attempts to enhance the corporate image of ‘First Choice’ using the tactics enumerated, and in keeping with the principles of brand building and ethics. Audience AnalysisThe key target audience for the organization are tourists, holiday makers and air travellers to destinations offered by the organizations’ airlines. This audience are important to this organization because they constitute the core business and there are many alternatives available to them.

Attracting and retaining their loyalty is very important because both the airline and the holiday segment are volatile and unpredictable.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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