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The paper "Baroondra Council in Australia" is a perfect example of a management case study. The Council urban planning has been prepared on behalf of the Baroondra Council is seeking the support of the alteration of the local urban boundaries through a proposed expansion to the north to Belmore Rd and east to either Elliott Ave or further to Balwyn Rd Baroondra Council is in Australia with a population of 3,500 residents, 1000 people in Green voice, 12 council representatives i. e. country and wishes to expand to the suburb of Deepene.

The Boroondara Council carried out a survey to determine the popularity of the idea by mailing over 3,500 of the residents to be affected by the extension to the Council to Balwyn suburbs. Majority of respondent residents are not popular with the plan. Most of the residents have some information about the proposal but are not able to. For instance Patricia O'Dwyer, the Balwyn Historical Society secretary also opposed the proposal. According to her, Balwyn gained its unique name from Andrew Murray's property Balwyn, which was to the Andrew Murray property in Balwyn, and which has remained in the west of Balwyn road. 1.2 Research: Primary – Qualitative Sensitize all the residents in order for them to give honest opinions due to lack of the necessary details. Email all local trades to get their feedback about the issue. Launch a briefing meeting specially to the Maribyrnong Council. Primary – Quantitative Carry out random phone interviews to evaluate the resident's opinions Omnibus Survey. Carryout door- to- door interviews through the use of short structured questionnaires Secondary (desk) . Review of the previous history of similar Pop-Up park developments. Localised historical issues analysis, economic, social, green, to know previous attitudes of target publics toward that similar kind of issues. Media analysis and online research, from which to know what the media thinking about the issue. Problem Statement The Baroondara Council is concerned that the ideas of expanding the council boundaries are not popular enough especially among the affected residents.

Although the councillors are expected to vote on the issue in two weeks, a number of the Councils are yet to agree with the idea citing backlash from the electorate; taking into account electrons will be done later in the year. Balwyn residents are not totally supportive of the proposal because they are concerned on the possible impact of the change of boundaries and hence the jurisdiction regions and also the resultant impact of the proposal. Balwyn Historical Society has also opposed the ideas of having the Balwyn Suburban included into the Baroondara Council.

According to the society, the Balwyn suburban gained its popularity from the Andrew Murray's property Balwyn, which is on the west of the Balwyn Road and thus not among the areas which have been earmarked for inclusion into the larger Boroondara Council.

They believe that if the proposal is implemented it its current state, it would be ironical to have separate the suburban of Balwyn from the original Andrew Murray’ s property.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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