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The paper "Heart at Home Campaign by People United - Public Relations " is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   Heart at Home Campaign by People United is aimed towards promoting kindness through encouraging the exchange of gifts across the entire globe and creating a joyful and positive mood over the holiday season. From our research entailing the expert view of professional psychologists, we determined that people need to feel that they belong and that they are valued. From giving, people also gain a feeling of happiness. From this assessment, we came up with the initiative to rekindle the act of giving from communities to the global avenue in order to reach as many individuals as possible in the world.

We recognize the complex nature of organizing a nationwide campaign therefore we shall limit our campaign to England, specifically in Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool and Portsmouth. We, however, hope that through intensive media activities the campaign will reach further regions than the ones we have planned to conduct the campaign. The campaign will take place three days from the 26th to the 28th of December, 2016.

We came up with the idea of homemade gifts due to their personal touch that gives more value to the act. Additionally, People United invests in the arts to create positive change thus making of homemade gifts will involve an art experience. The gifts will include homemade food, clothes, and quilts made from different pieces of clothes and sewn together by a group of people, wooden items, drawings, carved items, homemade frames among others. Fresh produce will additionally be gifted especially in close communities.

The goals of the campaign involve raising awareness and reminders on giving not only to the less fortunate but also to one other. The objective is thus to engineer positive social change. The other goals are to make homemade gifts for exchange and to spread and renew the act of giving across the entire globe. We intend to raise funds for the three-day event which will involve sporting, visiting and picnicking activities. To further help in a meeting of our campaign objectives, we will use various media to communicate on the Heart at Home Campaign.

The interactive media will be used extensively as it is currently the fastest and generates responses that trend enough to make the campaign widely known. We also intend to give a press release on the campaign that will be aired across different audio and visual media. Goals of the Campaign To raise the awareness on the importance of giving and instill again the act of exchange of gifts across the United Kingdom To make homemade gifts for exchange for different individuals such as food, clothes and other gifts compiled at home To send the message of giving across the globe through the use of media especially interactive media which is bound to get more responses and spread the act of giving across all regions Target Audience To make the campaign run smoothly, we will use different communities such as the school communities, the religious communities, homes for the elderly, children and the less fortunate and hospitals.

A categorization of these audiences will help in making the exchange easier and that every individual targeted receives a gift. The communities have registers of names that will make the process of gift distribution easier.  

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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