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The paper "Purchasing Behaviour Associated with Fashion Clothing" is an excellent example of a research paper on marketing. The aim of this study was to find out and determine the purchasing behavior associated with fashion clothing. The exploratory research approach was used with thematic analysis employed to analyze the qualitative data information. The research study established that black leather handbags, cropped tops, collared t-shirts, and dressy shirts are perceived to be fashionable, while tracksuits pants, old unflattering clothes, and one-piece dress are perceived to be unfashionable. Consumers perceive that fashionable clothing is more expensive but of high quality, while low priced clothing is of low quality and unfashionable.

The most common sources of information about fashion clothing for most consumers include the internet, magazines and TV shows. In general, most consumers would want to wear fashionable clothing like designer clothing, however, financial constraints do not allow them because such fashionable clothing is usually highly-priced. Introduction and Background Importance of the research Market surveys usually target a selected sample of the population. This is because sampling is more convenient, reliable and less costly.

However, in order to carry out a given survey effectively, proper preparation should be done. These may include the design and preparation of survey questionnaires, identification of the target population, clear identification of the sampling frame to be used and carrying out other logistical evaluations that will ensure a successful survey (Creswell, 2007). In this case study, the research conducted aimed to establish the purchasing behavior associated with fashion clothing. The approach used for the study is majorly exploratory research, a study approach that seeks to provide details and insights into a problem or situation with little and scanty information known to exist. This research study is of great significance.

This is because it seeks to identify and establish consumer behavior associated with fashion clothing. Consequently, the stakeholders in the fashion clothing industry can make use of established consumer purchasing behavior to identify and choose the best marketing approach to employ when marketing their products. In addition, the drivers of consumer purchasing behavior associated with the fashion clothing in the different market segments can be established from the study. Subsequently, this would enable the application of effective marketing strategies of the fashion clothing in the respective market segments. Scope In this case study, exploratory research was employed with the aim of providing answers to the research questions, which relate to consumer purchasing behavior associated with fashion clothing.

This includes the qualitative data analysis of the information collected from four sampled respondents interviewed during the market survey.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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