Essays on Purchasing Policy of the San Bernardino IT Department Personal Statement

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 Purchasing Policy The San Bernardino IT Department will purchase the products and services needed by the different departments. The policy is divided into four areas. The areas are purchasing requisition, supplier selection, store room or supply room inventory, and payment of products and services. A. Purchase requisition. The IT department’s policy is for the line and staff employees to initiate the processing of the required medical and other supplies. The procedures are plain and simple. First, the staff shall fill up the purchase requisition form.

Second, the staff’s immediate superior will approve the purchase requisition after verifying the staff’s reasons for processing the purchase request. Third, the staff brings the approved requisition form to the company’s storeroom or supply room for processing. Fourth, if the store room or supply room officer finds the requested product in the supply room, the supply room or storeroom will release the stored supply part to the staff, retaining a copy of the approved supply request form. Fifth, the supply officer lets the staff sign the storeroom or supply room records to indicate the staff had received the requested product or service.

Sixth, if the store room or supply room does not have the requested product or service requested by the staff, the supply officer shall submit the purchase request to the purchasing officer. Lastly, the purchasing officer shall contact the bids committee. The bids committee will process the purchasing of the required product or service from external sources (suppliers). B. Supplier selection. The IT department’s policy is for the bids committee to manage the purchase of the required IT department’s products from the winning bidders.

The procedure can be easily introduced to the concerned company employees. First, the company’s bids committee shall request the suppliers to submit bids for each product purchase. Second, the bids committee evaluates the offers of the different suppliers. Third, the winning bidder is the supplier offering the best quality product or service at reasonable prices. Fifth, the bids committee awards the purchase contract to the winning bidder who will permit a 30 pay payment credit term (purchases are paid within 30 days from the date of the purchase or delivery of the goods to the buyer company). C.

Store room or supply room inventory. The IT department policy is for the store room or supply room inventory to ensure that there is an ample supply of normally requested company products. The procedure can be easily understood. First, the store room officer shall request the different departments to submit their next business period’s projected product or service requirement. Second, the store room officer shall conduct a count of the current quantity of products or service requirements stored in the supply room or store room.

Third, the store room officer shall submit a request to the bids committee to purchase the next period’s required product or service supply demands in case the store room or supply room stocks are not enough to meet the projected requirements. D. Payment of purchases. The IT department’s policy is to ensure the suppliers agree to 30 day payment policy. The procedure can be clearly understood by the concerned line and staff personnel. First, the accounting department receives the winning suppliers’ statement of account. Second, the statement of account includes the suppliers’ delivery receipt.

Fourth, the accounting department prepares the disbursement vouchers and the check after confirming that the stocks were delivered to the company. Sixth, the budget officer signs the voucher to affirm that the company has sufficient budget (funds) to pay for the purchased supply or service. Lastly, the accounting department calls the supplier to collect the approved check.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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