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Purpose ment Purpose ment The main objective of forming Fatherless Children Center will be to offer counseling services to the fatherless children. The organization will be based in Baltimore City Maryland in U. S. The organization will provide a Christian environment for the growth of these children until they are mature to cater and fend for themselves. It will cater for the youth until they are independent. My center will enroll any fatherless child despite the ethnic group or race. The children may either have ever lived in a children home or may have been living with foster parents.

The organization will aim at cooperating with government institution like the rehabilitation centers in promoting talents of these youth. The organization will construct separate buildings for girls and boys. It will separate children depending on the age. The center will promote both the curricula and co-curricular activities for the youth. It will incorporate the education system that is talent centered. The center will have a qualified staff and management. Supervision will be frequent in the center to correct any abnormal functioning of the center.

I will make sure that I equip the center with all the relevant equipment. For instance, I will equip the center with emergency kit and a sanatorium to cater for sick children. Furthermore, I will make sure that I provide training service to my staff (Epworth children’s home, 2009). The center will have a cottage and case managers. The case manager will be responsible for developing a plan of care. He will also coordinate all the social service carried out in the center.

On the other hand the cottage coordinator will ensure that the life of the staff is catered for adequately. The center will accept any form of aide from the public and will appreciate your effort (Department of education, 2011). The center will also have a website which will answer any questions concerning the center. The center will accommodate all fatherless children without limit. The main mission of the center is to provide high quality care in a caring and warm environment. This will be an environment where the youths are supported to come to terms with past and the current issues then begin preparation for their future.

I seek to promote the condition of the youth by provision of an atmosphere where their relationships are guided mutually by understanding and respect. In addition, the main objective of this center will be to listen to the youth and encourage them accordingly. It will also promote and respect people’s differences and challenge the oppressive and discriminatory behaviors and attitudes. It will also encourage the youth to develop their abilities and live positively to fit in the diverse society.

According to education department, the center will operate on the philosophies that are under the Children Act of 1989, the 2004 Act, Care Matters and the Young Person’s Bill (2011). The vision of the fatherless children center will be to provide a superior service for many individuals through a competent system and staff who will be effectively trained. Furthermore, the center’s purpose statement will be to break the most destructive cycle of neglect, shame and abuses and replace it with the best opportunity for every child to live respectfully, responsibly and productively.

In conclusion, the core service the center provides is residential care. While at fatherless center, we will endeavor to cater for all the basic care needs the youth require. Furthermore, we promote educational value and talent nurturing. References Department of education. (2011). Statement of purpose and children’s guide. Retrieved from http: //www. minimumstandards. org/stand_thirteen. html Epworth children’s home. (2009). Parent/ guardian handbook. Retrieved from http: //www. epworthchildrenshome. org/admissions/documents/AdmissionsHandbook. pdf

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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