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The paper "Qantas Company: Market Analysis" is a wonderful example of a business essay.   The airline industry is a sensitive industry in the transport service. This is because there are various individuals ranging from business persons to professionals who seek to use air transport in the course of their busy schedules while attempting to meet their goals in their businesses. Moreover, there are many airline industries that can offer services. The cutting edge has to be achieved in the type of internal services that the company provides to its clients.

The in-flight menu forms part of the services that can guarantee an airline company the cutting edge over the other companies. Nature of the market The trend in the market indicates selection of flight services with respect to the in-flight menus that are onboard. Selection of the type of meals is influenced by demography. The demographic profile such as gender, age and country of origin influence the choice of food by the passengers. Subsequently, it influences the satisfaction that the passengers will get from the company. In coming up with the new in-flight meals to heart foundation tick of approval meals, Qantas targets to effectively serve its specialist markets in Q catering and Qantas Holidays (InvestSmart, 2013).

Therefore, individuals who are flying out on holiday will be the ultimate target since they have to get a meal that will make them feel in the holiday mood already. Suppliers Various suppliers will come into play. They will be the suppliers of in-flight catering services such as Airport-Suppliers and OFT. Outsourcing of the service guarantees proper service since the competition to provide the service demands quality (Zahari et a, l, 2011).

In a research conducted by Zahari et al (2011), passengers stated that delicious meals onboard the flight was irresistible by them. This indicates that in the near future, foods shall be the main consideration to the airline company to be selected after the time factor.         Competition Lundren and Wall (2013) state that airline carriers are looking to dish up foodie menus that will demonstrate the golden age of travelling by air. They are therefore using food as a means of reaching out to more clients and getting more revenue.

Qantas faces stiff competition from Tiger Airways and Virgin Blue. The companies strive to provide in-flight menus as part of the flight service package. In an article by Maina (2012), it was stated that it is the small rations of food that are served in plastic cutlery and tubs that have become handy to most airline passengers. It is the duty of in-flight catering firms to provide the best of menus to the tired airborne passengers. PEST Analysis of the market Political The political environment in Australia is stable and this will facilitate the success of any business.

The regulations set do not pose major any threats to the business. In fact, it allows for competitiveness in the market and this means that outsourcing of the in-flight menu services will not face any political challenge. Economic Australia is a big and rich player in the region. The people in the country have the ability to travel often and this implies that they will promote the airline industry through their many trips on holidays and through their consideration of what is the best offer of the in-flight menu. Social (potential customers) In Australia, the social profile of people is broad because there are many migrants as well as the locals.

Together with their holidaying habits, the people will contribute to the Qantas Company when on their trips. Further, they have a nice habit of selecting the types of meals they want. For instance, seafood is widely liked by Australians. They also like foods like pasta, pastries, vegetables and fresh fruits. Since Qantas provides full service on local and global air transport, it will also consider the needs of other non-local travellers.

Most travellers are professionals and this implies that the foods shall be varied. Even so, foods like Mediterranean cuisine, Thai curries and fried rice shall dominate the menu so as to let the passengers explore the meals.   Technological Technology will play a part in the preparation of the meal. Advanced food technology shall be used in ensuring safe and quality meals for passengers.  


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