Essays on Marketing Analysis of Qatar Airways Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Analysis of Qatar Airways" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. Qatar Airways are one of the largest airlines in the entire Middle East. Among the world carriers, it ranks among the top ten. Qatar airline is owned by the government of Qatar and it was initiated in 1994 (Kriendler, 2010). Qatar Airways started with two aircraft but prior to 2007, the Qatar group has over two hundred and seven fleets. Today, the airline has dominated most of the parts in the world and has been recognized as the fifth-globally in the accord with planned international passenger-kilometres flew.

More so, it operates in the total wide-body aircraft sense that provides comfort to the customers. It has also made frequent moves with the illusion that it will be the future projection of the state-of-the-art airline (Airman, 2013). Qatar Airways are one of the top six airlines globally. It has five stars rating by the Skytrax group along with singer pole airlines, British airlines, quanta's airlines, Etihad airlines and Cathay pacific airline (Green, 2009). Qatar airline operates approximately 700 flights weekly in 60 countries in more than 100 destinations.

Obviously, the services offered to meet the international standards and that is why it is ranked as one of the safest airlines in the world (Larsh, 2013). Early 2009, the Qatar airways movements in and out of the country accounted for 40%. Interestingly, the management wishes to take this percentage to 70% by 2014 while ensuring it does not compromise on the quality of services and the reputation (Stanton, 2012). Qatar Airways operates across Europe, North America, Africa, South America, Australia and the Middle East.

Qatar airways have a number of subsidiaries operating under its management which includes; Qatar aviation services, Qatar catering services and Qatar airways holidays (Polek, 2009). Picture 1: A350 Airbus Source ACI: Doha International Airport The Qatar airways are segmented into first-class and second-class business units. The first-class unit is given maximum security, and high safety measures are maintained. It is very spacious, changeable ambient lights, personal wardrobe, vanity table, and minibar. As the individual enters, the sliding doors are remotely operated and once the passenger is in, they self-close (Mansell, 2013).

The seats have built-in telecommunication systems, and they are adjustable depending on the choice of learning level of the passenger just like the beach seats. In addition, there are comfortable beds with a mattress where passengers can be having a nap as they fly (Airman, 2013) Qatar airlines aim to ensure that the passengers reach a destination in a conformable and rejuvenated manner. Each seat on has a televised screen fixed with around 1200 on-demand video and audio channels of entertainment systems, among them Hollywood and Bollywood movies as well as live channels (Ward, 2007).

The suits can turn around the spaces between the partitions allowing the clients to fly sharing ideas and experiences with their partner. The food service is also high-class as dine on-demand food service allows passengers to make orders from la carte menu. Excellent service and quality food and drinks are provided (Greeen, 2009). The customers in the first-class unit can have a revitalizing shower as the Airways have launched a unique onboard Spawich shower. They are elegantly designed, and it gives an experience of its kind to have a shower above 43,000 feet.

Also on board is a highly stocked bar with varieties and fully-fledged service from the bartenders and chefs (Stanton, 2013). The air hostess makes the bed when the passenger is ready to sleep and massage bureaus provide the best relaxation atmosphere. The lighting systems attribute the mood lighting with the schemes corresponding day and nights with flight situation. Indeed Qatar provides the most comfortable luxurious outstanding services over the world (Green, 2009). Operation of the Qatar airways in the international markets enables it to get access to a wider market segment hence the company is able to offer services at competitive prices.

On the other hand, there is a promotional of goodwill and understanding among the involved countries. Again, investors and business people get an opportunity to invest heavily in various sectors.


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