Essays on Qualitative Analysis. Examine The Responses Of WOMEN Who Are SINGLE That DON"T Participate In Assignment

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Introduction to Research MethodsObjectives and Research QuestionsThis paper addresses the use of the research method of the qualitative study. In this case the main fact that is to be measured is the frequency of leisure and exercises in the married as compared to the unmarried women. In this case the reasons are to be explored as to why either the married or the unmarried women do not exercise (Richards, 2005, p. 55). Literature reviewThere are many reasons that have been associated with the frequency of the physical activity being exhibited by the women, married or unmarried.

These are the reasons that are to be explored in this case. in the case of married women the main reason that have been noticed reflects the fact that time is greatest constants for these women as they are busier in managing the houses and children (Ezzy, 2002, p. 44). Feeling uncomfortable with having no knowledge of exercise, no guidance as to where to start from, an inability to go to the gyms because of the time constraints and no knowledge of the usage of the gyming equipments are the main reason.

Some of the women are also uncomfortable with running on the streets and moreover with their own body image. One of the major reasons that has been noticed in the case of the single women is that they are most often working late nights in the offices and at their work places as they have no obligations back home. This is the kind of routine that makes these women unable to have any time for themselves and these women rather prefer to spend time at home when free or with the friends.

In minor cases the women have reasons as being involved in physical activities other than exercise as dancing and mild walking (Corbin, and Strauss, 2007, p. 31). Research questionsOne of the main fact that is being observed in this paper is related to the reasons that the married as well as the single women have in case if there routine in relation to the physical activities that they have especially in the case of the exercise. Two kinds of the women are being explored in this case as the marital status differs in these women and with this the number of responsibilities and the obligations back home vary.

Thereby these are the women who carry different reasons of not being involved in exercising. These are the reasons that shall be explored in this paper (Creswell, 2007, p. 12). Research methodsIn this case the research methods are referred to as the coding styles and there are three main styles. By the help of the coding the data that has been obtained can be broken down into sections and themes. Raw data that has been obtained by the researcher is not itself of the facts hidden within thereby this is the data that as to be broken down into themes and sections.

These are the themes and sections that are arranged according to with different reasons being represented by the raw data. Open coding is the method by which the researchers’ assigns the codes to a certain theme observed within the data obtained thus the researcher categorizes the data that has been obtained. Being the second phase of the research the researcher now focuses on the assigned codes rather than the raw data that has been obtained (Liamputtong, 2007, p.

32). The common factors between the codes are looked for along with the linkages in the themes and this is referred as the axial coding. Reflective coding is the final phase and in this the major themes in the data are reflected thus making the comparisons and the similarities be highlighted.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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