Essays on Qualitative Validity and Reliability Qualitative Data Collection Assignment

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The paper "Qualitative Validity and Reliability Qualitative Data Collection" is a wonderful example of an assignment on education. 1. Throughout the article, the authors establish qualitative validity and reliability through the use of a historical perspective which is heavily laden with statistical information. This statistical information and their historical perspective lay a firm foundation for the proper evaluation of the research article on homeless women with preschool children. Additionally, the sampling choices consisting of two groups of different environments ensured that the research was presented with a case that covered all the possible environments, thereby resulting in a more reliable representation of the issue under research (Creswell 2013, pp.

188). This was further augmented through the use of focus groups as a data collection mechanism, which helped ensure reliable data consequently improving the validity and reliability of the research holistically.   2. The qualitative article primarily uses focus groups to collect the data used in the research article. This is whereby the researchers come up with a conducive setting and ensure that the sampled individuals feel safe about giving out as much information about the topic as possible (Averitt 2003, pp.

85). The safety and confidentiality associated with such focus groups ensure that the data is as reliable and valid as possible. Moreover, the researcher gets to interact with the sample in such a way that he/she experiences the effects of homelessness in the context that it is presented. Women for the focus groups were selected from the two identified shelters based on their adherence to criteria that filtered them based on having at least one preschool child. These sessions are then recorded, and this is what constitutes the data collection mechanism for qualitative research.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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