Essays on Quality and Excellence of Government Services and its Effects to Customer Satisfaction Research Proposal

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The paper "Quality and Excellence of Government Services and its Effects to Customer Satisfaction" is an outstanding example of a management research proposal.   Quality has grown to be the benchmark for achieving a competitive advantage. Organizations emphasize excellence and quality management as the channel for achieving excellence standards. Excellence is a state of excelling. In business terms, excellence is “ the ability of firms to make profits while meeting the customers’ requirements” (Antonescu and Constantinescu, 1993 cited in Ionica et al. 2010 p. 127). Customer satisfaction is the first item in the quality management circle.

Every organization has customers and unless it gathers information about what they require and what their expectations are, it cannot meet, let alone exceed the customers’ expectations. Many organizations seek to achieve quality management and excellence in a bid to gain a competitive advantage and increase performance and profitability. Similarly, governments have popularised their efforts in quality management and excellence in offering government services to their citizens. Quality management is believed to impact customer satisfaction and loyalty which validates any business. This study seeks to find out whether the same principles of quality management used by businesses are applicable in governments especially in offering public services.

It seeks to find out how governments apply the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) model, especially the leadership and customers, in the delivery of their services. Furthermore, the study will establish the role of leaders’ vision towards the practice in quality and excellence in services. The major question the study will seek to answer is whether good governance services have effects on customers, in this case, public, satisfaction and loyalty.

Finally, the research will compare the level of UAE quality in government services with that of the UK and Malaysian governments. Problem statement In the age of global competition and economic liberalization, governments face the pressure of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of how they deliver public services (Al-Raisi and Al-Khouri 2010).  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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