Essays on Vodafone Quality Improvement Journey Case Study

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The paper “ Vodafone Quality Improvement Journey” is a persuasive variant of the case study on management. Vodafone Group Plc. is one of the world's largest telecommunication companies with operations in different countries. The UK based company has grown in revenue and the number of subscribers over the years. Vodafone provides data and voice services through mobile phones, data services, fixed phones, roaming, and other value-added telecommunication services. The organization has of late penetrated the mobile healthcare communication technologies. This is an organization that is well known for their quality services. The organization started the quality journey in the 1990s with the ISO 9000 standard being gained in 1994.

The certification was later upgraded to the 2000 version. The company has continuously been pursuing quality improvement in all areas of operations (Vodafone, 2017). Vodafone's position in the market has greatly improved through enhanced quality of their products. The next sections of this report look at how Vodafone has progressed on their quality improvement journey and their accomplishments. 1.0 Vodafone quality improvement journeyThe desire to maintain market dominance has played a major role in the Vodafone journey.

The quality strategy is based on three key pillars: social imperatives, economic imperatives, and environmental imperatives (DeSimone and Popoff, 2000). The imperatives will be discussed in the next paragraphs. Economic imperativesThe economic imperative has acted as a major drive for quality improvement at Vodafone. Vodafone's quest for quality is highly associated with the need for the organization to offer quality products and services to attain good profits. This has led to a lot of emphasis on product quality and efficiency in all operational procedures (Dodourova, 2003).

As a result, Vodafone has seen an increase in their revenues. In 2016, the Vodafone group had reported a growth of 3.9% based on revenue of € 27.1 billion. This is associated with the organization's quality improvement which has seen the revenues and products increasing steadily. This has also led to an improvement of their cash to debt ratio (Vodafone, 2017).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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