Essays on The Implementation of Total Quality Management for the White Good Electronics Shops Report

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The paper “ The Implementation of Total Quality Management for the White Good Electronics Shops” is a perfect example of a report on management. As evident in this report, TQM will be implemented in various steps as elaborated in the PDCA cycle. This report includes a plan and assessment of the TQM process that must be followed to ensure that the overall process of implementation is successful. The report also advises the top-level executive to take part fully and actively in the implementation process so as to ensure that the TQM process bears the desired results for the benefit of the Sydney shop of white goods. Should you encounter any difficulty regarding the reading of this report, please feel free to contact me using the address or phone contact above.

Thank you very much for your time regarding the project you entrusted me and I wish to inform you that I will not let you down. Sincerely, nameEnclosure: Final ReportExecutive SummaryAs our business entities gradually extend its operations to complexity, our Customer focus must also escalate proportionally demanding higher standards for their white goods order.

It also makes us perform a critical evaluation that refocuses the organization and management structures as regards to our white goods shop in order to deliver quality products and services. Total quality management is globally accepted as a successful management framework in the service delivery and manufacturing process and can similarly be applied in our case of selling white goods. It is very helpful in the production and sale industry in fostering the returns and revenues of the business entity. Furthermore, TQM is facilitating our white goods firms to continuously progress the quality of service delivery and production.

The PDCA Cycle describes the setup to ensure that the plan of selling white goods is feasible and that the end result of the TQM is achieved as set out initially. It is a sure way to ensure that the required TQM plan is implemented at a white goods shop to the later and by the entire stakeholder without fail. In order to ensure that TQM succeeds, then the participation of all our top executives and human resource development as a major part of implementing quality management was mandatory.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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