Essays on Total Quality Management - Working Hard to Ensure Enhance Communication between Customer and Employees Literature review

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The paper “ Total Quality Management - Working Hard to Ensure Enhance Communication between Customer and Employees”   is a   pathetic example of a literature review on management. Total Quality Management can be described as a comprehensive as well as a structured approach to organizational management that seeks out to improve the quality of products and services through continuing refinements in response to continuous feedback (PHCC Educational Foundation, 1996). It transcends the product quality approach, involves everyone within the organization, and covers its every function that includes administration, manufacturing, distribution, planning, training, and marketing, etc. According to Vengadajellum et. al, (2010), Total Quality Management aims at fundamentally transforming the organization through progressive changes in the practices, attitudes, structures, and systems.

This particular report will, therefore, give details on how as a whitegoods shop manager I will prove to the owner that I have successfully implemented total quality management in the enterprise. How I have implemented Total Quality ManagementCustomer satisfactionAs the manager of the business, one of the initiatives I have undertaken in order to prove that I have successfully implemented total quality management is through the implementation of customer satisfaction.

The aspect that I have measured to indicate that the business has attained customer satisfaction is through customer feedback concerning the quality of our products. I utilized a direct method of contacting customers in order to attain their valuable feedback. The following were some of the ways in which I used to tab the customer feedback; customer feedback through face-to-face meetings or conversation, direct customer feedback through questionnaires and surveys, feedback acquired through complaints or appreciation letter, customer feedback through the use of third party agents, and through direct marketing.

In the case of direct marketing, I treated the complaint handling department as the first point of contact for getting customer feedback. From the analysis of the following methods; the outcome indicated that customers were satisfied with the quality of the company’ s products. Juran (1998) defines quality as meeting or exceeding customer satisfaction. Meeting customer satisfaction is therefore a major objective of quality management.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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