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IntroductionTotal Quality Management is a clear description of the organizational behavior and attitude of the company that strives to provide the customers the best products and services. A good quality product helps the company to add and retain customers. The final consumer is becoming increasingly updated about the rising standards as they have access to wide range of products and services. Technological advancement has crossed geographical limits resulting in more informed consumers. TQM is a perfect method for the reduction of wasteful practices and getting optimum output for the car dealer in Sydney.

TQM can be considered to have four main components namely quality planning, quality control, quality assurance, and quality improvement. This report shows the manner in which TQM will benfit the car dealer in Eastern suburb of Sydney to provide better services to the customers. The fact that the business environment has become highly competitive and transformed from local to global requires that the car dealer in Sydney becomes active in all fields i. e. right from the grass root level to make out maximum profit. This will help to ensure better production and reduced cost therbey benefiting the businessReasons for implementing TQMThere is different reason which makes it imperative that the car dealer looks towards implemeting TQM in their business process.

This is due to the following reasonsImproved profits and market share through flexibility and quick answers to market related opportunities. Increased use of organization resources to attain increased customer satisfaction. Research and comprehend customer requirements and expectations. Communicating the needs of the market to the organization. Measure the customer’s satisfaction and working in the same direction. Action Plan to implement TQMThe car dealer while looking to implement TQM has to look towards developing the following action plan so that the business is able to manage its resources in a better manner and is able to gain maximum efficiency from the use of the resources.

The steps which the car dealer can look towards using are asThe detailed description of the steps to be followed is asCustomer Focus: The foremost characteristic of quality management is to identify and meet customer needs. A dissatisfied customer not only harms the current sales but is also a loss of future sales.

A quality product is of a reduced value until it meets customer needs. TQM will help to find out the customer needs for the car dealer. For the industry the quality must be above the customer’s expectations. Determination of customer needs is a tough ask as taste, preferences and likes of customers differ from one person to another. Therefore, the car dealer in Sydney is required to gather market reports and research constantly to keep up to the needs (Wilmer, 2010). Continuous Improvement: The general philosophy of never ending improvement shall only lead to better output for the car dealer in Sydney.

The customers liking and expectations are always changing and moreover increasing. It also differs from one level or group of people to another. So TQM aims at improvement at all levels from decision-making, planning and execution. A good plan with perfect decisions and timely execution results for quality product and services will help to improve the quality of services being provided by the car dealer in Sydney. Improvement can be attained by a circular process of plan- do- study- act.

The managerial level should collect the data and problems and proceed forward with an appropriate plan. The data should be based on actual figures and customer complaints. Next involves the implementation of the plan. The plan needs to be carried out with proper implementation at all levels of production. Third is to study and evaluate the data collected previously and its progress towards the goal. The collected data are evaluated and studied to seewhether the results are according to plan set up in the plan phase.

The last is to act in accordance to the results of the first three steps. If the entire process works accordingly, than the process is to be communicated to the other members in the company for further implementation. This as a whole will help the car dealer to act on the opportunity that exist (Wilmer, 2010)Employee Empowerment: The impact and output of human resource directly depends upon the empowerment given to the employees. TQM allows the workers to make decisions related to the production process. Therefore their suggestions are of great importance and highly valued by TQM principles.

These suggestions are implemented in a proper manner for better results. The workers are required to be given proper and extensive training in quality measurement tools on a continuous basis to help them perform better. Making a proper decision is based on a process of logical activities and the decision is taken from several possibilities. The main benefit of this principle is that the decisions at the management level are based on the effects of previous decisions with references to real records.

These real records are based upon proper information and data which will improve the functioning of the car dealer (SIMON, 2009)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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