Essays on Quality Management in Hospital Corporation of America Case Study

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The paper “ Quality Management in Hospital Corporation of America” is a  persuasive version of a case study on management. Quality management in health care organization has evolved and looks toward improving the patients care through cost-effective measures. The growing importance of quality management is because it is difficult to define quality. Since, quality is an interactive process between the patient and the hospital (TQM, 2010) the problem compounds for Hospital Corporation of America. The problem for Hospital Corporation of America is to identify the concepts that will improve quality and help to set the short-term and long-term goals that fall in line with the concepts.

To identify the different approaches it is important to identify the internal and external environment which will help to draw a relation with risk management. Hospital Corporation of America looks toward quality management through the following steps Defining: identifying and defining the areas that Hospital Corporation of America needs to work upon to improve their image and ensure quality (QA, 2010) Designing: designing a process that will help Hospital Corporation of America to achieve quality by working on different areas (QA, 2010) Assessing: hospital Corporation of America assesses the different processes to find the best option, which will help to improve quality management. Monitoring: hospital Corporation of America monitors the performance time and again and brings timely changes that help them improve quality in the health care of patients (QA, 2010) The above process followed by Hospital Corporation of America falls in line with quality management as it looks into consumer awareness, improving the standard of health care and bringing more transparency in the process (Garud, 2000). To improve quality inpatient care Hospital Corporation of America looks to integrate different concepts and approaches and bring changes in quality management while rendering services.

The different approach used by Hospital Corporation of America for quality management is as follows Credentialing: Hospital Corporation of America through this approach looks toward attaining a minimum standard while delivering patient care for the ill. In this approach Hospital Corporation of America looks to produce quality through identity, protecting the public and the hospital and ensure the integrity of the profession (TQM, 2010) Licensure: Hospital Corporation of America ensures licensing by entering in a contract between profession and state (TQM, 2010).

In this approach, a set of regulations and scope is set and the provider of service needs to take steps to match those. Accreditation: Hospital Corporation of America follows international standards and the provider needs to deliver care by following the standards which have already been created (Healthcare consulting, 2010). Ensuring this approach delivers service, which is approved internationally and matches the already set standard. Audit: Hospital Corporation of America audits the nursing care provided to the ill. (TQM, 2010) This is done on a regular basis to find the manner in which health care was rendered.

Hospital Corporation of America is thus able to establish criteria and draw findings. This helps the hospital to develop its future course of action to improve quality in health care. It highlights the short-term and long-term goals which Hospital Corporation of America wants to achieve through it. Differentiating the goals into short-term and long-term is helping Hospital Corporation of America concentrate on the short-term objectives, which will gradually transform into long term objectives.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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