Essays on Quality Management at Nike Air Zoom Alpha Talon Case Study

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The paper “ Quality Management at Nike Air Zoom Alpha Talon”   is a   persuasive example of a case study on management. This paper gives a comprehensive highlight of the designing and the development of the Nike Air Zoom Alpha Talon with a supplier point of view. The report on the product determines how the existing quality of the product has or is being communicated by the supplier in relation to its breakthrough in the global market, and this projection of the report is interpreted by following a clear process of packaging, applied materials, ways of advertising, different sales channels used, and the supplier-provided information that is available on various resources such as the Internet.

The paper also gives an account on the developed rating scale for the quality of the shoe product, and the application of this scale in demonstrating how the quality of the product can be compared with at least three similar and competing products by other manufacturers within the same industry. In this case, the rating scale has adopted a one-to-five star rating scale like that one that is applied in the hotel industry (Berk & Berk, 2000 p56). IntroductionIn the history of making shoes, Zoom Alpha Talon Cleat is the Nike athletics most sophisticated cleat ever in the making.

The athletic shoe is identified and developed with the most innovative and creative technologies that have been merged in ensuring that the performance needs of every position in the athletic field are effectively met. To ensure that such quality is achieved, Nike designers have been working closely with different elite athletes when it comes to identifying specific performance needs and determining ways of fulfilling such needs.

This has ensured that the product delivered is of greater and improved footing, particularly at full speed. To achieve this, the designers ensured that an innovative on-demand and adaptive traction system has effectively been put in place and applied accordingly (Summers, 2009 p34). The use of Technology in Designing and Developing Nike Air Zoom Alpha Talon



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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