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The paper 'Department of Transportation in Abu Dhabi" is a good example of a management case study. The UAE has been positioned 1st locally and 11th internationally as far as the accessibility and nature of transport framework by the Global Enabling Trade Report 2014. Transport framework on the upward way: incomes USD 8.1 bn in 2014, ascending at a yearly normal rate of 8.5% (Margareta D. H., Thierry G. and Sean D., 2014). The Region of United Arab Emirates is occupied with a fiery movement to build up its transportation and ports foundation with an ultimate aim to support the nation's status as a crucial center and equipped it with the tools of quality in the worldwide logistics store network (Bener, A., Abu-Zidan, F.

M., Bensiali, A. K., Al-Mulla, A. A., & Jadaan, K. S., 2003: Hall, C. M., 2002). Additionally, this framework of advancement acts as a key component which is helping the nation is progressing and widening its economy and in this way, there will be lesser dependence on oil and gas reserves. Indeed, to pursue such a framework the authority has actualized a few thorough monetary arrangements prominently the Vision of UAE 2021, Dubai's Vision 2015 and Vision of Abu Dhabi 2030.

The purpose of these three visions will be to command a forceful calendar in order to bring advancement in the nation's property, water and air infrastructure. Throughout a decade, the U. A.E. is anticipated to become the host of the world's biggest air travelers who work through Dubai. Such numbers of air travellers are also joined with the nations of Gulf Cooperation Council, also known as GCC, by means of a provincial rail route framework, and to propel its status as a worldwide business port-of-call (US-UAE Business Council, 2012). 1.1 Government Regulatory Environment- Ports & Transportation There are four organizations which are managing the framework of the transportation and ports of U. A.E.

at the government level. Moreover, there are plans for fifth government authority and the purpose of that authority will control the railroad part of U. A.E. and this plan is in the process. 1.1.1 Ministry of Public Works The Ministry of Public Works was built up in the year of 1972 just after the union of the seven emirates.

The head-quarter of Ministry of Public Works is in Abu Dhabi and the function of this authority is to arrange and also to create such ventures which are related to the government streets and ports. The President of the U. A.E’ s Higher Committee Airports Security and Common Seaports and the Minister of Public Works is His Majesty Sheik Hamdan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan (Ministry of Public Works, 2015). 1.1.2 General Civil Aviation Authority General Civil Aviation Authority was set up in the year 1996 by the Federal Cabinet Decree.

The purpose of this authority is to control the U. A.E's government common flight area. The GCAA attempts to guarantee that the nation's flight offices and also the practices which happen must be sheltered, secure, and also be in accordance with worldwide guidelines. The Chairman of GCAA is His Majesty Engineer Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansouri. He is also the Pastor of Economy in U. A.E. The Director-General of GCAA is His Highness Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi. The Board of Directors of GCAA includes the senior authorities speaking to every one of the seven emirates and regulates the regulation of the nation's considerate avionics framework.

The GCAA is focused on giving the region of U. A.E. with the most recent advances, which will include the presentation of a Satellite Navigation GPS strategy for the international airport of Dubai. Moreover, the GCAA also attempts to reinforce the flight division of the U. A.E so that the nation forms into a main worldwide flying center point (General Civil Aviation Authority, 2015).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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