Essays on Quality Management Tools for Rotana Hotels in the UAE Case Study

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The paper 'Quality Management Tools for Rotana Hotels in the UAE" is a good example of a management case study. The tourism and hospitality industry are the main drivers of the economy of Dubai. Every year, thousands of people all over the world flock to Dubai to experience its hospitality. In 2011, over 8 million visitors were in Dubai either on leisure or for business purposes. The hospitality industry continues to generate more and more jobs for both the local and foreigners (Andrews, 2011, 23). The major attractions are the beaches, parks, museums and the various entertainments joints.

The popularity of its hospitality and tourism industry has been the best choice of destination and remains ahead of other cities like Barcelona, Rome, Hong Kong and Milan. UAE spends a lot of money on investing in world-class services and hotels hence the reason why they are still ahead of other nations. Apart from investing in sky crappers that serve as hotels, a lot of money is also spent on various marketing activities to market the region. Some of these activities include using various social media networks and organizing several expos. The five-star hotels are performing much better when compared to four-star hotels and other types of hotels.

A survey that was conducted among the hotels showed that the five-star hotels have experienced tremendous growth (309%) since the year 2000 and whose revenues have increased from $1.71 billion to $6.99 billion. While the growth of those from the four stars and other hotels stood at 14.2% and 13.3% since the year 2000 (Elsheshtawy, 2009, 39). The figure below gives an overall view of the comparison of the performance of the various levels of hotels in the UAE. Source: www. aiu. edu Despite the economic slowdown that was experienced back in 2012, the hospitality industry in UAE grew by 3.3% and which goes on to show that despite the global economic challenges that were being experienced, the industry still remained resilient enough to weather through the storm (LLC Books, 2010, 57).

It has been reported that by the year 2020, UAE will be receiving visitors totaling up to 20 million and this is because the region is preparing to hold the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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