Essays on Implementing Total Quality Management Literature review

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The paper “ Implementing Total Quality Management”   is a   convincing example of a literature review on management. Total quality management is the transition in the management style that targets to continuously add value to customers by continuously improving and designing organizational systems and processes. This paper begins with an introduction to total quality management highlighting the importance and necessity of total quality management. This assignment involves a description of proving for successful implementation of total quality management in a large white good shop as a practical example of total quality management implementation.

The next part of the assignment constitutes the listing of steps for the implementation of total quality management in the white good shops. The assignment also explains the steps of implementation of total quality management in any organization. The significance of total quality management has been highlighted. Total quality management is an approach of management to long-term success by customer satisfaction. IntroductionTotal quality management is a very crucial aspect that should be implemented in the organization to make sure customer satisfaction is achieved. The organization management has to introduce changes that will ensure the involvement of every employer in the organization.

Butcher (2005), points out that with an increase in competitiveness and acquisition of customer share, organizations have to ensure those total quality management programs are introduced in the organization. For the shop selling white goods, it will be very significant to introduce TQM and ensure is functional. Organizations have been seen to grow in needs and size prompting the implementation of total quality management. Prove of successfully implemented Total Quality ManagementThe indicators of successful implementation of total quantity management are very obvious and contribute positively to the performance and profitability of the firm.

Sophistication and increasing demand of customers have re-written virtually the competition rules and compelled organizations to focus expediently on quality. Presently, what entails competitive advantage is the capacity to provide services and products that exceed or meet the needs of customers.    


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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