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The paper 'Quality Management System - Etihad Airways" is a good example of a management case study. In recent years, the business planet has been dominated with the demand for quality products which has since generated the need for quality management systems. The aspect of enhancing quality production entails prioritizing the needs of the customers above all management issues. This implies that a quality management system enables organizations to meet or exceed the needs of the customers (Thorpe & Summer, 2004). In addition, organizations that ensure their customers’ demands are consistently met in the course of their product and service delivery can be defined as successful in obtaining quality management.

In this instance, the term quality has been coined to describe the effort of designated to improve the quality of products and services across all levels of organizations. This can be attained by conforming to the set standards of production to ensure that the outputs satisfy the original specifications. Chapter 1: Introduction and Theory ii) Introduction The quality management system is one of the management techniques designed to effectively communicate to the employees the desired quality of the outcomes of production processes or service delivery to enable them to execute their obligation in accordance to the set quality specification.

Many consultation firms such as American Society for Quality and Sigma Six have sprouted in the recent decades to offer advisory services to organizations and help them sail through quality management issues so as to attain total quality management. Total quality management refers to the processes integrated within an organization to elevate the service experience of suppliers and customers both within and outside the organization. The aspect of quality management drives the organization towards the achievement of organization goals by setting standards and creating visions for the employees.

This paper explores various theories that revolve around the concepts of quality management and examines if such theories are being implemented within organizations. ii) Theories of quality Theoretically, according to Gitlow (2000), there are three types of quality which include quality of design or redesign, quality of conformance and quality of performance. Processes of quality of design are aimed at matching the quality of goods and services with the demands of consumers.

This implies that effective quality is achieved by developing a product from the customers’ point of view. Quality of conformance refers to the degree in which an organization and its suppliers are capable of developing products and services that are predictable, uniform and dependable at a cost that is in line with the quality of design. Ultimately, the quality of performance aims at determining the performance of the quality products and services that are developed through the quality of design and improved in the quality of conformance in the market place. Chapter 2: Quality Management Theories The concept of quality management has evolved over several years.

The essence of enhancing quality management so as to reap the benefits of producing quality products and delivering quality services dates back as early as the 1950s. During this period Edward Deming devised techniques such as statistical process control (SPC) and problem-solving mechanisms which altered the mind frames of Japanese companies thus gearing them towards the production of quality products. Subsequently, the contribution of industrial quality development to address the shortcomings and complexities of traditional assurance techniques were examined by Crosby, Deming and Juran in late 1980s and early 1990s (American College of Medical Quality ACMQ, 2010).


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