Essays on Quality Mangment Assessment Item 2Short Report Assignment

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The ManagerAn executive summaryCrystal fast food outlet is located in Mackay, Queensland. This fast food outlet targets customers from the nearby industries, college students and workers in the businesses found within the town. It deals with the various fast foods like hamburgers, chicken, cheese, pizza and others. Crystal fast foods outlet offers quality services which are also affordable. It is a large fast food outlet with a staff of one hundred and fifty employees. It was opened in the year 2008 and for those two years it has indicated a tremendous improvement both in the number of customers and the profit from the operations.

As the manager of this business, I intended to continue supporting this business and ensure that there is total quality management in this business. With this in mind I intend to ensure that quality is evident at all levels in the business; in the services and products we offer to the customers, in the employees work, and in management. Achievement of this objective of improving total quality management is going to take at most eight months. To measure whether this objective will go through the following variables will be considered; Customers’ responses. Higher returns on sales. Level of motivation of the staff. Effectiveness of management in terms of accountability. To achieve these goals, I have set the following action plan, however the action plan is flexible and may change during implementation. Create awareness on importance of the program to all stakeholders in the business. Identify the needs of our customers. Motivate the staff through various ways such as salary increase and promotions. Ensuring documentation of every transaction done in the business. Use promotion to attract our customers. A focus on the customers’ satisfaction is very crucial in implementation of the total quality management.

Meeting their needs is the first thing that we shall consider. To identify these needs interaction will with them will be of major importance. This will be ensured by regularly carrying out market surveys, use focus groups and interviewing some of our customers. Along with improving the quality, we intend to win more customers. This will be possible by carrying out promotion on our business; this will be done through various methods such as introducing discounts on the products we offer, and carrying out advertisements on the press.

As the business continue to prosper, I have realized that it is coming up with management challenges and thus I have decided to actively involve every member of the staff in facing the challenge. To ensure effectiveness of the employees, I will ensure that they are qualified to provide the services and by providing training on how to improve quality. Specialization of the staff will also be an important factor in implementing these objectives.

I have also decided to motivate the employees by looking at their welfare by motivating them. Another way of ensuring effectiveness and commitment of the employees is to make them aware of the business vision and mission statements. This paves way for cooperation because the objectives of the business are known by all stakeholders of the business.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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