Essays on Quality of Service at the Remington Hotel Case Study

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The paper "Quality of Service at the Remington Hotel" is a perfect example of a Management Case Study. Service quality in the hotel industry is very important if hotels are to succeed in their business. The emergent trend in the contemporary world is one that demands total quality management in the hotel industry in order to ensure that hotels achieve the required competitive advantage that they need. The subject has particularly been in the research circles for a while now with many researches indicating that the concept, and the conceptual model of service quality is essential if we intend on appreciating the beginnings of service quality and the likely gaps that might occur in service quality (Lovelock & Wirtz 2007).

This paper is aimed at answering two questions related to gaps in service quality besides establishing the significance of service quality in the hotel industry from two points of view namely; the conceptual viewpoint and the service quality measurement viewpoint in the context of a case in point. The paper will also give a description on how best to measure and to deal with service quality gaps and will employ ideas from both the model of internal service and the SERVQUAL model. Based on Madeline’ s Day one observations and conversation with Mr Spencer, provide examples of the service quality gaps (knowledge, standards, delivery, communication, and service) that are evident at the Remington hotel Many managers in the service industry today are faced with the responsibility of ensuring that they demonstrate a service that is customer focused and a delivery of constant development.

Considering the environment in which service companies are operating today that are full of constraints in terms of both finances and resources, it is very important that Madeline should consider the expectations of the customers of the Remington Hotel and ensure that they are properly understood.

The first step, which The Remington hotel and any hotel in the situation that the Remington Hotel is in should do, is to measure the expectations of the customers from the perspective of the customers and ensure that any gaps in the service quality of the hotel are identified. This information is going to assist Madeline to come up with ways that are cost effective to close the gaps in the quality of service, and it will also help her to give priority to which gaps to focus on, which is very important especially considering the scarce resources that many organizations are facing today (McDaniel & Gates 2006). Service quality is a conception that has stimulated a lot of awareness and discussion in research narratives due to the complications that it has both in defining it and measuring it.

Thus far, there has not been a consensus as to what service quality really means (Wisniewski 2001).

There are various definitions of service quality but the one that is used commonly gives the definition of service quality as the degree to which a specific service is able to give satisfaction and meet the needs of the customers (Kang et al 2002). This is to say that service quality can be described as the dissimilarity between what the customer outlook of service and the apparent service. That means that if customer anticipation is greater than what the customer expected, then the apparent service quality will not be pleasing to the customer and that is what leads to customers being dissatisfied.

For instance, in Case 12, Mr. Spencer was expecting that the Remington hotel would have check-in facility service at the airport at 10 pm in the night because according to him, late at night was the most suitable hour for such a service and that is the time it would be most beneficial.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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