Essays on Moral Development: Quantifying One's Life Today Essay

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The paper "Moral Development: Quantifying One's Life Today" is an outstanding example of an essay on sociology.   Moral development focusses on the ability of a person to differentiate wrong actions from good actions. Through moral development, humans develop the capacity to avoid wrong and always be on the right path by doing what is required of them. Since my childhood, there are people who have had a huge impact on my moral development. They include my parents, siblings, as well as friends. My moral development mostly took place when I was adolescence, which is a turbulent period with many challenges.

My parents and siblings played a crucial role in teaching me the important virtues that shape morality in life. One of the crucial virtues that I learned from my siblings and parents is honesty. They taught me to be always honest in my undertakings and this has significantly helped me and shaped my success in life (Killen and Smetana 378). My friends have also played a significant role in my moral development; it is through friends that I have come to learn about principles such as trust and commitment.

Friends have taught me to be always confident of myself and gain trust with myself. As a result, I have managed to relate well with other people. Moreover, trust has been instrumental in helping me make career choices. When growing up, my parents taught me problem-solving skills, and this enabled me to gain the ability to solve conflicts. At times, I faced challenges with solving disagreements between my siblings, but with the virtues instilled in me by my parents, I always succeeded in coming up with sound solutions to such conflicts.

Thus, I can confidently that my parents, siblings, and friends have immensely contributed to my moral development (Killen and Smetana 378). The three individuals that have had the most influence on my life include my mother, father, and mentor. Like any other young person, I experienced an identity crisis during my adolescence and this made me rub shoulders with my parents. I was often scolded for my actions; however, my mum and dad did not give up on me, but rather worked hard to ensure that I was on the right track.

My mentor, who was my teacher, also influenced my life significantly. He taught me the virtue of respect to my elders and through his invaluable advice, the conflicts with my parents gradually declined. He taught me the importance of education and why I ought to put a lot of effort into my studies. Today, I can proudly say that these three people have made me who I am today. My biggest cheerleader is a close friend of mine, whom we have been friends for a number of years.

I consider him a cheerleader because I attend many functions with him and whenever we are a group of friends, he always speaks on our behalf. He is a friend I like very much and spend most of my time with him. A person I can call in the night to come and help me is my brother. He stays just a few meters away from where I stay and can avail himself anytime I have an issue that requires immediate attention.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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