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The paper “ Consumer Attitude and Behavior towards Online Shopping” is an earnest variant of the research paper on e-commerce. The advent of e-commerce as a feasible and competitive way of conducting business has spurred a wave of transformation on a global scale. With the increasing ease of accessing the Internet, retailers contend with the fact that the future of shopping is moving online. Similarly, other goods and service providers have moved in to embrace the benefits of carrying out trade online. The vast majority of shoppers have shifted to online shopping to procure clothes, books, hotel reservations, and other electronic gadgets (Soopramanien 2010, p.

341). This has necessitated organizations to integrate e-marketing into their marketing strategies in order to widen their customer base (Mahmood, Bagchi & Ford 2004). One of the key reasons as to why online shopping has received such a tremendously positive and optimistic outlook in many industries is because of the relatively cheaper transaction costs. Compared to the cost of running a physical office and managing human resources, running a website is more cost-effective and there is a significant cut back on the price of hiring personnel (Kotler 2003).

Consequently, this has translated to lowering the prices of online goods and thus providing a competitive advantage over competitors. Moreover, access to a large variety of alternative goods has made it possible for shoppers to access and compare the different pricing and quality of products and services (Peter & Olson 2002, p. 53). This dissemination of information certainly enables buyers to make more informed decisions as they can select the product that best fits their needs. However, perhaps the greatest benefit associated with e-commerce is the ability of marketers to strategically advertise their products.

The integration of ads in the use of the Internet has opened up a wide market of a potential buyer and this has facilitated the rapid growth in online business (Na Li & Ping 2002).


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