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Scenario oneAs a marketing manager of the commonwealth bank of Australia, I would like to find how our company is doing as compared to the other banks. By doing this, I will need to perform a research by getting different views from the different customers in the local market. In addition to this, I would also like to know whether the new advertising campaigns that we have been running are getting noticed by the different customers in the existing market. For this reason, the bank has been so generous to provide our department with the necessary funds to perform the research.

Due to the above reasons, I have decided to outsource a research professional providers and I expect them to use the following research methodology (Kumar, 2005, p. 25). The target population that is to be used in this research should all the existing customers and potential customers of our bank in the country. Since it will be almost be impossible to reach the target population, I would suggest that they pick samples of customers from our various branches in the country. In conducting this research both the qualitative and quantitative methods can be used.

Qualitative methods are those methods that are used when the data to be collected cannot be quantified. For example, the customer's feelings, about the quality of the services that the bank is providing, that is, is are the services good or bad or average (Coker, 2003, p. 92). Quantitative methods are those methods that are used when collecting data that can be quantified or data that can be put in numbers (Coker, 2003, p. 93). For instance the numbers of people are who are satisfied with our services and the number of people who are not satisfied with our services can be calculated into a percentage. There are different methods that can be used in the collection of data in this research.

The first method which can be used is the use of questionnaires. A questionnaire is a document that is filled with a list of question related to the subject of the research. the different questionnaires that have been prepared will be issued out to the sample group for them to respond.

The use of a questionnaire is a valid method because the customers are able to respond to the different questions more freely and independently. Additionally, it is more reliable and efficient because the response by the different customers is usually instant especially when the questionnaires are sent through mail. The second method of data collection that could be used in the research is face to face interview method. This is where the research agents are sent out to ask the customers question on a face to face basis. For instance, they can be sent out to ask whether they have seen the new advertisement campaign and what they think about the advert (Onuengubunzie & Leech, 2005).

The method is valid because the research agents are able to probe for more information and see the non -verbal expressions of the customers. The method is reliable due to its high level of clarity and instance responses to the different questions asked by the research agents.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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