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For record keeping I need help from the financial administration in relation to certain changes and government rule with regard to taxation. Also posting of certain entries require some help from the authorities. LESSON 7 – ASSIGNMENTDifferent sales approaches were used different types of business whom I visited. The approach used by business was personal selling, direct telephone, direct mail, party plan, shop window, etc. They were successful as they developed long term relationship. The functions of a sale person are as follows- Helps to communicate about the productDemonstrating the product to the customerMonitoring the customer attitute towards a productAnalysis of the market and demand pattern for a productNegotiating with the customer Improving goodwill of the businessThe process involved in personal selling are as follows-Prospecting and qualifying: is identifying the customer needs, there likes and dislikes, to be able to demonstrate the customer the product or service they wantThe approach: is approaching the customer with the product so that demand can be createdPresentation: is demonstrating the benefits and features of the product. Handling objections: is solving the queries of the customer to ensure high satisfactionThe close: is ensuring that the customer purchases the sameFollow up: is thanking the customer for buying the goods.

The main role of promotion is that they provide knowledge about the products. They give information of new products; company policies etc. This helps to create customer need for the product Publicity meant to attract people by an event. It is held on a few ocassion and helps to create knowledge about a product through participation in eventsAdvertising mean to advertise the product continousally over a period of time so that the target audience base can be eyed at. Sales strategy for the business that I want to establish in the market is to identify the target market and then step so that the target audience can be eyed at.

Today, in this competitive world it is essential to continuously satisfy customers. With customers being scarce the need increase. It’s important that customers are provided quality service. This requires continuous improvement. For this time has to be spent. This needs to be spent to improve quality. First of all I need to identify customer demand for the product.

It is very essential because without customer we cannot sale our product. It’s very difficult to find out what customers prefer as their behaviour is irrational. Marketers need to be very alert and even a slightest of information needs to be communicated else it will result in piling of huge stocks. It is important that marketers put in their best effort and try to understand what customers want so that the product can be designed accordinglySecondly, I need to understand the customer needs.

This can be done through research. A consumer preference also changes with the group he is. Social factors determine his purchasing habit. Suppose, a consumer comes alone he will purchase something what he likes. It will be according to his likes. When he is with a group of friends he will be influenced. This will change his pattern of buying. Marketers need to keep a watch on it. They should promote those products at the face depending on the circumstance. This will help the consumer as he will feel pleased and will want to visit again

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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