Essays on Keeping Cash Book, Purchase Invoice, Ten Reasons for Keeping Records, Four Types of Budgets Assignment

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The paper “ Keeping Cash Book, Purchase Invoice, Ten Reasons for Keeping Records, Four Types of Budgets” is a well-turned example of the assignment on finance & accounting. For record-keeping, I need help from the financial administration in relation to certain changes and government rules with regard to taxation. Also posting certain entries require some help from the authorities. LESSON 7 – ASSIGNMENTDifferent sales approaches were used different types of business whom I visited. The approach used by the business was personal selling, direct telephone, direct mail, party plan, shop window, etc. They were successful as they developed long term relationships. The functions of a sale person are as follows-Helps to communicate about the productDemonstrating the product to the customerMonitoring the customer attitude towards a productAnalysis of the market and demand pattern for a productNegotiating with the customerImproving the goodwill of the businessThe process involved in personal selling is as follows-Prospecting and qualifying: is identifying the customer needs, there likes and dislikes, to be able to demonstrate the customer the product or service they wantThe approach: is approaching the customer with the product so that demand can be createdPresentation: is demonstrating the benefits and features of the product. Handling objections: is solving the queries of the customer to ensure high satisfactionThe close: is ensuring that the customer purchases the sameFollow up: is thanking the customer for buying the goods. The main role of promotion is that they provide knowledge about the products.

They give information about new products; company policies, etc. This helps to create customer need for the productPublicity meant to attract people by the event. It is held on a few occasions and helps to create knowledge about a product through participation in eventsAdvertising means to advertise the product continuously over a period of time so that the target audience base can be eyed at.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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