Essays on Advantages and Disadvantages of Applying Transformational Leadership in Ausenco Case Study

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The paper “ Advantages and Disadvantages of Applying Transformational Leadership in Ausenco” is a fascinating example of a case study on management. Transformational leadership has a number of advantages, as well as, disadvantages in an organization. First, transformational leadership is suitable for global companies. As a global company, the type of leadership will benefit the company as every employee will be considered individually. Also, transformational leadership will serve to bring positive change in Ausenco. The status quo  of the company will also change when the type of leadership is adopted. Mining services is a challenging industry for the companies and sometimes the employees may feel demotivated.

Transformational leadership in the Ausenco will ensure that the current challenges are identified, reframed, and a forward-looking vision formulated taking the company through such difficulties. The type of leadership will appeal to the employees to have a sense of purpose to achieve the objective of Ausenco. Also, the leaders in the company will be motivated to operate in an elevated sense of moral development than their employees leading to values such as freedom and justice.

Transformational leadership would also inspire self-development in employees so that they can become better leaders in Ausenco. The type of leadership also encourages belief and a sense of independence leading to high productivity. Transformational leadership also has a number of disadvantages that include taking longer to adopt. Changing to transformational leadership takes longer as it would involve changing the belief system of the employees of Ausenco. Also, transformational leaders may over-rely on their emotions and passions at the expense of research. Lack of such research information may lead the transformational leaders to make decisions that are illogical.

Those are decisions that are inconsistent with what is happening on the ground. The type of leadership also does not have application details. It relies on the ability of the leader to inspire others. Additionally, the type of leadership relies on the values and traits of the leaders. Other Leadership Theories that can be applied in AusencoAmong  the most  crucial  theories of leadership that the company can benefit from is participative leadership. Participative leadership involves the inclusion of other workers in the decision-making process. Ausenco can use elements of participative leadership to foster teamwork and reduce individuality and competition.

When the employees are involved in the making of particular decisions that would affect them or their work, they get to be more collaborative. For example, when the company faced financial difficulty in 2013, involving the employees would make them collaborate and work towards a common goal. When workers make certain decisions together, their commitment to one another and commitment to the task to be done also increases. In addition to participative leadership, the company can also employ situational leadership theory. The situational leadership style is where leadership evolves in accordance with the demands of the environment.

Ausenco has a number of competitors that grow every year and so must maintain their competitiveness. Every employee is different and, therefore, different approaches should be employed depending on the level that each employee has developed. By adopting the situational leadership model at Ausenco, more work will get done and the company’ s objectives will be reached.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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