Essays on Policies and Strategies of Growth in China Case Study

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The paper "Policies and Strategies of Growth in China" is a great example of a macro & microeconomics case study. This paper illustrates the truth of the fact that the context and circumstances prevalent in any nation determine its policies and strategies of growth. To have a clear illustration of the truthfulness of the statement, the paper considers a case study of China and as the crucial choice in exploring parts of the paper’ s research scope. It also characterizes the existing circumstances prevalent in China’ s political, economic, social, history, and health care among other aspects that determine policies and strategies of growth patterns and problems in China.

The paper also summarizes how the Chinese government wants to adjust their growth strategies while at the same time introducing some of the key features of the policymaking process and some of the institutional and political economy problems and how such circumstances influence policies and strategies of growth. China’ s exemplary economic growth and development are associated with better policies and strategies for growth in the eve of reforms that called for different paths to economic growth.

China is in constant pursuit of adjusting its growth patterns as reflected in the country’ s 12th five-year plans (5YPs). China’ s policies seek to re-balance strategies of growth towards consumption and services while at the same time upgrading its industrial structure (He & Louis 2008, p. 21). To achieve these plans, China understands the need for an extensive set of reforms, policies and strategies, which face a strong influence on the prevailing circumstances within the country. However, the greatest challenges in achieving these objectives include those of an institutional and political economy nature (Hughes 2002, p.

112). By looking ahead, it is more likely that China will meet its growth targets through appropriate policies and reforms, but it is not clear how rapidly the nation will re-balance its pattern of growth. Introduction China and other countries like India are leading the shift in the center of economic gravity towards Asia, and the economic projections of economies across the globe and various market industries have become increasingly dependent on sustained demand in the two Asian giants.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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