Essays on Building Buzz to Beat the Big Boys by Steve O'Leary and Kim Sheehan Book Report/Review

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The paper "Building Buzz to Beat the Big Boys by Steve O'Leary and Kim Sheehan" is a good example of a book review on marketing. The internet has brought about a redefinition of systems of business and how they interrelate and dialogue with consumers. This is mainly true for small businesses, which come across challenges marketing their goods and services and contending with large and often global competitors. O'Leary and Sheehan productively take on the challenge of addressing these important "how-to" issues for small businesses. They create a basic road map-customers-conversations-community-commitment-as the organizational structure for this useful work. The purpose is to help small businesses use customers to talk about their stores and services with others to help construct a growing community of clientele and increase sales.

As a method, this is word-of-mouth on steroids. This well-ordered logical book sets forth this operating approach with sensible marketing proposals and ideas that make budget sense and can be quickly implemented and measured. A very good number of small, retail stores open every year, but approximately 80 percent of them close within five years. A lot is done in by the big box and Internet retailers who squash competition with low prices and convenience.

However, smaller retail stores and service providers have distinctive competitive advantages: They are local. They can connect on a personal level with customers in a manner that the big guys can’ t. Moreover, they can add gigantic value to the customer experience. To get the most out of on these advantages, marketing experts Steve O’ Leary and Kim Sheehan offer dozens of low-priced Word of Mouth marketing techniques small businesses can use right away.

If done well, these efforts will facilitate smaller merchants to do more than survive, they’ ll prosper. For sovereign retailers to succeed, it is no longer enough to create a loyal customer foundation. Local store marketers have to put their loyal customers to work, persuade them to talk about the store to their acquaintances, family members and others in their social networks. When they do, the outcome is Word of Mouth (or Buzz) marketing, an influential tool that creates an army of advocates who turn out to be even more loyal and help attract new customers (O'Leary & Sheehan, 2008). Above and beyond learning how to leverage the power of word of mouth marketing, readers will become skilled at: How to understand their customers better, How to amplify customer loyalty to their store, How to communicate with customers to maintain loyalty, How to persuade loyal customers to talk to others about their goods, How to build a customer community, both in the store and online and definitely how to measure results. The book also comprises several examples from current businesses, as well as thought-provoking ideas and models to help readers come up with their own successful buzz marketing plans.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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