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TitleInitiatives to foster a more creative environment where fun can enhance productivityIntroductionOf all business resources, personnel/ human resource is the most valued asset of any organization. Meaning for any organization to stand above others in the present competition, it must build an added advantage in human resource management. Continued workers empowerment as key role of company’s human resources core objective would enhance innovation, creativity and continued improvement in production and encourages employee royalty. Working in environment with high morale and job satisfaction is more likely to produce reliable, high quality and affordable products.

One of current challenges facing personnel management is building creative environment where fun enhance productivity. High performing companies such as Google, Microsoft are viable example to illustrate that fun increases productivity and morale by stimulating creativity and cooperation. Fun is believed to flatten the working field between everyone such that the entire community is involved in generating useful ideals. From the experience of the successful companies where fun is encouraged presently other organization have realized the important role played by fun and are trying best to incorporate it in their workplace.

One can create environment where fun can enhance productivity by the following initiatives. Dress freedom or no Dress code. In the 21st century people especially the youth are not conscious of dressing code. Traditionally workers in formal employment wear official clothes such as suits through out their career. Today official dressing does not appeal to many youth; they do not feel comfortable in suits all year round. Hence eliminating dress code and allowing employees to dress what they think fits them best would promote fun and encourage productivity. However to promote decency and moral in dressing less restriction should be enforced to ensure workers put on moral clothes.

For instance start instituting casual dress on any day of the week one likes. Allowing people to change into or out of a set of clothes in the middle of working day is stimulating. If all these arrangement are not possible during the working days, then casual Friday would make a difference. Company sponsored trip, events and retreats. At end of each day, week, month etc, workers are tired and worn out and hence it’s good to offer them recreation allowances.

Modern analysis of human resource emphasizes that human beings are not commodities or resources but are creative and social being in productive enterprise (Karoly & Constantijn 228). Therefore care must be taken when dealing with human beings in place of work. Companies have and still sponsor end year closing parties where employees come together eat, talk and laugh. Again other organizations have organized trips where everyone in that organization travel and make fan and discuss business issues at a relaxed environment free from work.

Parties, retreats and even flattens the playing fielding making everyone free to communicate and generate ideals that build the organization. Moreover company can allow worker to relax and create ideas each day. For example each employee takes few of the day’s minutes alone and thinks. And in this case he or she is not thinking something particular but just thinking. Allow worker to walk and stroll around the organization premises. Go and sit on a bench within the company’s premises without carrying any working tool; just to relax.

Leave phone and blackberries in office desk and think while sitting on the bench. You will find that each time a worker thinks while outside there he or she will have an idea and by the end of the day one would have generated either little or big idea and had fun at the same time. Hopefully an organization would be able to create fun, ideals and retain talents.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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