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The paper "Importance of Employee Counseling" is a good example of management coursework.   In the face of changing business environments, organizations are faced by the problem of having worked up and stressed up employees who are having a toll on the company’ s productivity. Considering the fact that competition is very stiff, high quality and talented and motivated workforce is a vital component in a competitive economy. But then how effective is employee counseling or is it just a waste of time? Are there some people who can withstand pressure at work that employers should higher?

Some arguments support this notion while others depart from it with significant conviction as may be evident in this paper2.0 IntroductionWith each passing day, changes are occurring very rapidly in the world economies today. Markets have become very competitive as firms utilize technology and new production method as leverage to compete with rivals. In light of this and many other factors, companies are slowly realizing the importance of attracting and retaining highly skilled and quality workforce as a vital component of their competitive advantage in a dynamic business world. Previous sources of competitive advantage have become less important over time due to a sustained supply of technical knowhow and technology products.

Previously a firm’ s success was attributed to a strong emphasis on product and process technology, access to finance economies of scale and several other factors relating to the business. Notably, however, it has become clear that the selection and management of quality workforce is a critical factor to organizational success. Human Resource practitioners in many companies are tasked with developing new and innovative ways to attract and retain a quality workforce (Coles, 2003). One such tool that is becoming very popular with employers and any human resource management school must be teaching, is employee counseling.

This is simply an attempt to encourage change in an individual, can be initiated by an employee or the employer. The employee problem might be so complex that it might be difficult to see any system of help that can provide a solution for the problem (Coles, 2003). So a question begs, is employee counseling just a waste of time? Can employees really change their behaviors and attitudes or the only solution there is to get employees that don’ t exhibit undesired characteristics?

I am of the opinion that the statement forming the basis of this discussion is true; employee counseling is simply not a business of the organization and an organization should focus on its core business. If somebody is not capable, then the company can find a capable individual. This paper will seek to incisively answer the two questions and briefly acknowledge the views of other people who hold a different opinion. 2.1 Arguments against employee counselingIt is common knowledge that no individual is perfect and we are all constantly fighting our own inadequacies in our own ways without letting others suffer because of us.

To work in an organization, one is required to be prepared to face challenges in life that he/she should overcome successfully (Copeland, 2005). It is important to know that these challenges should not in any substantial way prevent one from being responsible in relation to family life.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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