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The paper 'Human Resource Development Portfolio' is a great example of a Management Essay. The paper herein presents a program that can be applied to develop employees in management positions. The case analysis involves the marketing manager at Sevidoc Company Limited, MR. George Lewis. This is a medium-sized private company that manufactures toothpaste and toothbrush. The choice of has been influenced by his acumen in business management demonstrated in the manner in which he handled the diversification strategy that saw, Sevidoc move from the manufacture of toothpaste to include the manufacturer of the toothbrush. Lewis has grown with Sevidoc ever since its inception when he worked as a direct sales representative.

He has climbed up the ranks thanks to good mentorship programs and human resource development initiatives in the company. There are notable characteristics in his way of working that has made him such a unique success story. Persistence has been the core of his achievements. He knows how to hold cool and strong until the deal is done. This was demonstrated ever since his initial days when he worked as a direct sales representative officer.

This was the time the company was penetrating the market and was virtually unknown. Lewis helped to implement the pull marketing strategy despite the difficulty that there were in marketing a new product from an unknown producer. This spirit has kept him succeeding and helping others within the organization in times of downturns. Lewis is a great negotiator. His position involves sourcing and closing so many business goals. He has done this perfectly well over the time and has seen the marketing department win the annual award at Sevidoc for the best performing unit over and over again.

For a market that is dominated by huge multinationals, that is not an easy feat to achieve. Lewis has won the trust of many corporate customers. Many non-governmental organizations that supply aid to lowly nourished regions in Asia get their supplies of toothpaste from Sevidoc. This is a trust that has been won thanks to the skills of the marketing manager. What he likes doing most is crafting new strategies for market penetration and consolidation of the customer base through creating customer loyalty be emphasizing on quality products and service delivery.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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