Essays on "Identifying Misleading Information In An Argument" Coursework

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Identifying Misleading Information Affiliation Identifying Misleading Information From the arguments presented, the information and statistics used are accurate. The topic on the effects of drugs on the American society can be researched as the same statistics presented can be emulated. In addition, the statistics are obtained from credible sources. Beins & Beins (2012) assert that the source of statistical data depict the validity and accuracy. Consequently, the arguments presented has effectively persuaded me. This is based on both the structure and argument of the argument. The argument commences with the stating on the dire effects of drug abuse on the society.

The argument is then supported by the provision of reliable statistics. The effects of drug abuse are further stated as well statistics supporting the idea provided. This allows for the reader to understand the scope of the argument in an accurate statistical presentation. In my position, the validity of my arguments are determined by my ability to provide statistics to support the ideas. Beins & Beins (2012) are of the assumption that to increase the ability on an audience to positively perceive an argument, the speaker should be able to provide arguments that can be statistical supported.

For instance, I was provided with the responsibility of providing argument on the negative ideas of taking prescribed medical drugs. My audience could only agree with the argument provided after the provision of supporting statistics. In addition, from the obtained statistics one is able to develop the research based on the conclusion derived from accurately obtained data. ReferenceBeins, B. & Beins, A. (2012). Effective Writing in Psychology: Papers, Posters and Presentations. New York: John Wiley & Sons.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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