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August 9, 2012.Globalization is in the interest of all workersIntroduction This report is about the proposition that globalisation is in the interest of all workers. To have a better understanding of this, it is essential to give the definition of the term globalisation and what entails the interest of workers. According to Coates (2010, p. 9) globalisation is the process of integration and interaction among people, governments, and companies, a process that is driven by both international trade and investment and assisted by information technology. The mentioned process does not only have effect on the political, environmental and culture system but also on human physical wellbeing and economic development and prosperity all over the world.

According to Bhagwati (2000, p. 12) globalization has provided and has continued to provide benefits for both countries and companies involved despite causing certain challenges to the interest of workers which can be regarded to be minimal in the labour market. The interests of workers entail better payment, good working conditions, and quality education to enable them skilled and compete favourably in the international labour market (Coates, 2010, p.

9). This report is divided into sections; the first section is introduction which gives a brief definition of the essential terms of the proposition. The following section will discuss the main ideas supporting the argument that globalization is in the interest of all workers. It will further highlight some of the challenges caused by globalisation to workers before providing the conclusion. Let examine the key points that globalization is in the interest of all workers. Increased standards of living According to Wade (2003, p. 570) globalization of states economies have resulted into development of international businesses.

Moreover, the demand of both goods and services has greatly increased an aspect that has resulted into companies venturing into other states. According to Michel Camdessus who is also the managing director of the International Monetary Fund in his 1996 report pointed out that the industries expansion has resulted into increased income an aspect that has caused improved living standards due to increased employment opportunities. For instance as a result of commercial interests from other nations as well as international corporations, nations such as China have successfully boosted the income of their middle class population due to globalization thus improving their standard of living (Bhagwati, 2000, p.

12). Additionally, the Asian states have managed to increase employment opportunities and payment by creating favourable environment for foreign companies to establish production sites. Moreover, as nations continue to trade and attract foreign investors, more revenue is earned which the government uses not only to improve the transport and housing facilities but also other social amenities for its population. The mentioned has enabled the citizens of these countries to experience better loving standards (Durkheim, 1960, p.

18). On another perspective, Durkheim (1960, p. 18) points out that on the socio-political level globalization contributes to improved democracy and advocacy for human rights. According to Ha (2012, p. 541) existing free market economy which has been as a result of globalization has contributed towards increased number of civil rights societies in addition to bureaucratic authoritarianism in both East and Southeast Asian countries being gradually eroded.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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