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The paper “ The Passion Fruits Market in Australia as an Ideal Area for Investment" is a  brilliant example of a research paper on marketing. The Australian horticultural industry has a wide range of products both edible and non-edible, such as an assortment of fruits, flowers, vegetables, nuts, turfs, garden plants and different types of nurseries. Over the years, the industry’ s reputation has grown in both local and international markets, due to high productivity, systemization and high standards in different stages of chain supply. According to the Australian Horticulture Fact Sheet (2012), the industry was ranked third worldwide in terms of gross value on production.

Further, the industry’ s contribution to the Australian economy is remarkable, with over 100, 000 people having direct employment in the production sector while over 30,000 people are employed in the process and exporting sector (HAL, 2011), in addition to a significant number of employees in the manufacturing sector. A report by PAI (2010) reveals that horticulture farming occupies over 250,000 hectares of land in Australia. Some of the reputable horticulture growing areas include Queensland that accounts for over 70% of the total production, South Wales that produces around 20% of the total value and Western Australia.

Others include Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia (HAL, 2011). According to the 2010-2011 financial year report by the Australian government, the horticultural sector earned over 8 billion dollars and was ranked third in the agricultural sector after meat and grain industries (Australian Horticulture Fact Sheet, 2012). That notwithstanding, the industry has faced several challenges that are hindering the realization of its full potential. One of the greatest challenges is the uncertainties and anecdotal climatic conditions in Australia.

Consequently, he has affected the productivity and efficiency in the industry. To address these challenges, the horticultural connoisseurs are constantly researching on the developing better-adapted products, cost-reduction, and efficiency as well as controlled farming to tackle climatic predicament. In addition, the Australian horticultural industry that was conventionally labor-intensive, seasonal and small-scaled is moving towards mechanized production process and medium to large scale farming (Australian Horticulture Fact Sheet, 2012). Consequently, the industry is witnessed rapid growth and expansion at a relatively lower price; thus, increasing efficiency, productivity, and profits to the farmers. Mission statementTo be the market leader in the passion fruit industry across Australia through the adoption of quality, health and safety practices as well as best farming practices, state of the art technologies and high-quality products, taking into consideration economically and environmentally sound practices. Objectives To be the market leader in passion fruits industry in Australia; To be the pacesetter in quality, health, safety, and the environment in the Australian horticultural market; To maintain a constant supply and profitability of passion fruits throughout the year.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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