Essays on How the Shopping Characteristics for the Consumer and Industrial Goods Affect the Channels for Them Assignment

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The paper "How the Shopping Characteristics for the Consumer and Industrial Goods Affect the Channels for Them" is an outstanding example of a marketing assignment.   There is little involved in the purchase of consumer goods and therefore little decision making is involved. The main characteristic of this consumer is that he or she just needs to find bread at the local outlet and at the specified price. The decision to purchase is thus instant and is barely influenced by a slight change in price because the product is a necessity.

The buyer may also have a favorite brand which he or she will look for once at the retail outlet. The responsibility of the channel, therefore, is to deliver bread at the right time and at the required price in the retail outlets near the consumer. The channel must be highly efficient because bread is a fast-moving product. Breakfast cereal  Just like bread, the purchase process is easy and the specific cereals are easy to find, select ad buy. Information on the product is usually already known unless the consumer wants to change from one breakfast cereal to another.

Planning is necessary as well as the need for information for use during comparing and choosing. Experience matters a lot and this could dictate whether the consumer purchases the product and so is the need to buy the specific product. The characteristics of the breakfast cereal customer require the channel to be highly efficient in order to ensure that fast-moving cereals are provided and also ensure that quality is maintained. Prices are also an important consideration and so is information on the breakfast cereals. Women's hosiery Every woman will have her own preference but it is highly important to consider that quality, pricing and durability are some of the most important aspects that may be considered by consumers.

These consumers tend to compare and seek what pleases them most. Depending on experience, they may purchase the same brand or change to another one. In that case, adequate information is required to make a decision. It could also involve consulting with friends and relatives. The channel is expected to provide high quality and fair prices as well as provide adequate information.

If this is done, the outlets concerned could expect higher repeat sales.                   Refrigerators This is a durable good and consumers are expected to take a longer decision-making process. This is characterized by a comparison between different brands, seeking information on operations, warranty and after-sales service, budgeting and looking for finances. The channel needs to ensure that adequate information is provided and also guide the consumers in the decision-making process. It is also imperative to ensure that there are after-sale services such as transportation and repair services so that customers can choose their models.   2.

Industrial Goods                                                      Laser printer toner cartridges This is a consumer looking for a high-value product and therefore service output priorities are expected to be many. This type of customer will take time in getting references and advice through consultations before eventually purchasing the product. The durability of the laser printer toner cartridges is expected to be a priority and so it’ s the ability to get assistance on the best choice during the decision process. The buyer could also seek the lowest price. Accordingly, channels need to advertise intensively and also ensure that the best quality and lowest prices are offered.

Provision of adequate information would enhance the decision process by the consumer hence the need for advertisements.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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