Essays on Racism in the Workplace Literature review

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The paper “ Racism in the Workplace” is a pathetic example of the literature review on human resources. In managing diversity at work, it is very important to distinguish what amount to diversity to gain quality and productive work. Therefore, diversity refers to unique human qualities that are present to a specific group of people or a person in the workplace. These attributes of diversity are as follow the race, sexual orientation, culture, age, heritage, mental or physical ability, religious beliefs, educational background, marital status, gender, ethnicity, and experience among others (Berkeley, 2012; California, 2012).

It is on these aspects that institutions or organizations should be aware of the existence of diversity in order to provide a platform upon which any impediment of the factors can be tackled swiftly thus providing efficiency and productivity in the workplace. On this pedestal, this paper will provide an overview of diversity in the workplace specifically by scrutinizing the issues of racism at the workplace and finally provide policy statements on how the matter has been or is to be tackled. Analysis of Discrimination on Grounds of Racism in Work PlaceOrganizations should be aware that any manner of impediment based on the attribute provided should not be condoned in the workplace at this time and age (California, 2012).

On the issue of racism in the workplace, it is openly known that it has existed since time immemorial and persists today. Such factors are what makes the performance of individuals undergoing such torments fall below par and the resultant effect being unwillingness in delivery due to lack of motivation. To prove success in the workplace mechanisms and framework design has to be in place in order to ensure that work is being performed in an orderly, efficient, and effective manner (Berkeley, 2012).

Therefore, to deliver on the aforementioned, an organization’ s approach has to be devised in an all-encompassing manner such that the policies and practices expected in the workplace will ensure that things go on swimmingly. Societal dynamism dictates that we are the same community especially in this fast-changing age of technology and aspects of globalization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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