Essays on Radio Maintenance and Tracking Systems Assignment

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The paper "Radio Maintenance and Tracking Systems" is a decent example of a Business assignment.   A valid preamble of the report briefly highlights the existing system, the problem, and the research into the system being carried out, showing the results (Akins & Akins, 2009). The system introduction does not provide thorough information about the existing system.   There is no mention of research to determine the necessities of the users. There are, therefore, no outcomes of the existing system. Lack of research into the existing system does not give enough foundation for the management to see the weaknesses of the existing system and therefore opt for a change.   The report assumes that the intended managers know about the weaknesses of the existing system.

Senior executives of the company may not even be familiar with the ground operations of the company. It is the duty of the report to show the weaknesses of the previous system for it to propose a new system based on the necessities of the previous system. Without knowing the weaknesses, there is no need for a new system. The report lacks an essential part of giving enough information for use by the executive in deciding its usage and implementation.                                                                                                           (B) There is a description of the application and its programs.

The report describes the system briefly at first. The report does not present the main features of the login window. The report does not describe how to access the elements from the central part.   It then goes to give its components, which in this case are three. These units include the programming component, maintenance component, and spare part component.   In each component description, there is working on it.

There are diagrams to emphasize understanding. In addition, there is an example of decisions depending on the available information. Although the description of the components is somehow clear, there is no enough description of the system and its unit’ s interaction.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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