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Generally, the paper "Marketing Management at Radiohead" is an outstanding example of a marketing assignment.   Basically, a value chain refers to the process through which a company’ s product moves from the initial development up until they are sold or serviced to the people. The process is systematic. Specifically, the online value chain does demonstrate the manner in which a brand can harness the strength of online content marketing so as to build the kind of trust that is necessary to influence buying decisions at the consumer level (Rayport and Sviokla 1995 pp.

75). In the case of Radiohead, their music is created to reach people referred to as “ Amateur Influencers” . Amateur influencers are influential people like web pundits and bloggers. They are already trusted personal brands and have got a wide pool of platforms even though they are not necessarily affiliated with any brand in particular (Rayport and Sviokla 1995 pp. 75). The amateur influencers do not necessarily make money from their insight, however, they offer a big deal of value to their fans on whichever topic they choose. The Radiohead’ s hit album In Rainbow became a subject of many bloggers.

It was so popular that most entertainment bloggers would not dare fail to talk about it. Therefore, the fact that this hit was able to trend and identify with prominent bloggers was a determining factor in the group’ s online value chain. The bloggers and the web pundits usually have got a valuable audience that is known as prosumers. Prosumers refers to the people who engage the amateur influencers actively by writing online reviews about the talked-about product or service. In this instance, many prosumers actively posted positive reviews in their engagement with the bloggers and web pundits.

Particularly, the hit album In Rainbow was on most people’ s lips. In the process of the online value chain, a brand should be able to reach the consumers once it is actively talked about by the prosumers. The consumers are usually the largest and the most valued audience in this process because they do consume all of the content exactly as distributed to them through the amateur influencers and the prosumers (Rayport and Sviokla 1995 pp. 75).

In this manner, their buying decisions are steered. In the Radiohead case, the brand was commonly identified with people whom the public trust, especially the celebrities, and thus this placed the group in a better position to convert consumers in their favor and to their advantage. Consequently, many people were able to download music online. The band’ s music even listened in as far as North Korea and Africa. Question 2. The traditional/physical value chain is a model that utilizes the performance of the physical-world activities with the aim of enhancing a certain service or a product.

They may incorporate face to face engagement between the producers and the wholesalers as well as the retailers and the consumers. At the end of the process, the goods are supposed to reach the consumers; that is the sole purpose of any value chain. It is important to point out that the activities of this model have evolved over the past several years due to the daily experiences that people gain over the course of their business conduct. Additionally, the motivation to earn higher profits has made professionals emulate this model, on a basic level, so as to achieve their set goals.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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