Essays on Reaction #9 Assignment

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Aspects of Emotions Various psychologists have developed different models that try to explain the process of emotional feelings. The phenomenon one, according to Bryant, (2009), is the pinwheel model. The pinwheel model has been developed to assist individuals in understanding different aspects of emotions. The model has been designed as a spin wheel since each aspect of emotion is preceded by another. Aspects of emotion involve a process that starts with experiencing emotions followed by sending emotions and then receiving emotions. This article looks at the three stages of emotions, how it starts until other people are able to perceive that a person has emotional feelings. Experiencing emotion takes place when a person identifies his or her own feelings.

In this case, individuals try to control the amount of feeling to avoid expressing the same to other people. For example, when a person is burning with guilt, he is experiencing an emotional feeling. Fundamentally, a person experiences emotional feeling that can be termed as temperament. Since emotions can lead to poor judgment, it is important for a person experiencing emotional imbalances to seek professional cancelling.

Experiencing emotion is always proceeded by sending emotional signal. Sending emotional signals happens when a person expresses emotions in a manner that is appropriate in a given situation. After the signal is sent, another person receives it. Receiving emotions occurs when the second person is able to notice the emotions expressed by the first person. After noticing the expression, it is significant to understand and show concern to the person’s emotional feeling. A good example of sending and receiving emotional feeling is when you wrongly interpret someone as hostile, and hence fear overwhelms you (emotions).

Understanding the aspects of emotion has changed my perspective concerning emotions. In fact, I am equipped with information on how to handle emotional feelings and preventing them from disintegrating to a level that can hurt other people. In addition, the class has helped me because I have learnt that communication key in controlling extreme case of emotions. ReferenceBryant, T. (2009). Stress and strong feelings management. : NY Scholars Press.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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