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EMAIL TO LIVECO’S CEO, MICHIKO TAKOEmail to: Michiko TakoSubject: Change problems facing the Human Resource and Information Management Departments and its impact on Liveco’s Company. Following the current changes being undertaken at the Liveco organization, I want to bring to your attention the challenges that the organization has had to go through. Basing on the strategy and structure theory forwarded by Alfred Chandler’s management theory, it is worth noting that changes in strategy are often preceded by a transformation in structure. These structural changes affect both the organization as well as the employees. The current problems facing the organization have emerged from the need for restructuring of the organization in terms of functionality as a way of saving on costs and encouraging productive use of resources.

The main resources targeted were human resource, time resources and costs incurred in paying for building; building costs. This means that the organization intended to close down two buildings and encourage homeworking as well as booking hot desks in a bid to apply the formation of a virtual office. Additionally, the organization went ahead to integrate the information management department with the human resource department which led to a conflict of interest.

Each department failed to define its power in the departmental merger whereas the management was too slow on defining respective duties for the merged departmental heads. Worse still, the IM department overshadowed the HR department and embraced a faster change of strategies without consulting with the employees. This created another collision between the employees who found the new strategies oppressive and subjective. The communication channel was also inconsiderate since the employees were left pending on the immediate changes that would soon take over the work place.

The working hours were redefined to a fixed schedule of standard working day as 8.30-6.30 with no early or late workers, no flextime or hours in lieu of time off. Coffee breaks and lunch hours were defined to a fixed hour rate with restrictions on eating at the desks. Therefore miscommunication has led to employees resigning and others have been absorbed by competitors. The remaining employees have become resentful and this has affected their performance negatively. This calls for quick recovery measures. REPORT ON HUMAN RESOURCE CHANGES FOR LIVECO COMPANYINTRODUCTIONChange is anything that causes alteration in the way things have been traditionally designed to function.

It varies from changes in structure, strategies and organization or human resource. This report is basically focused on studying the application of change theories and models into the immediate contest of the circumstances faced at Liveco Company. The C. E.O who is Mr. Michiko Tako is concerned about the way the organization has been performing lately despite the strategic change in policies. Even though the change was intended to save on production costs and motivate the employees through introduction of a reward scheme, it becomes apparent that the new strategies are not designed properly and they are communicated so fast that the employees find them suffocating (Vesa, 29).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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