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The paper "Is My Water Safe? " is a worthy example of an article on environmental studies. In this article, I feel that the research question is clear and can be answered. This is because, when the research question is asking whether the fracking water may cause drinking water contaminated, it is a question that can be researched. We can do research on whether the fracking water contains contaminants or not. This research can be aimed at finding out the components of the fracking water. It can either be carried out in a laboratory, or information can be gathered about previously done researches on the composition of the fracking water to qualify whether or not, fracking water is able to cause contamination to the drinking water. The sources very well seem to address the question fully.

This is because the sources majorly are based on the issue of fracking water and its contaminants. For instance, the first source by Cooley Heather talks about separating the frack from the fiction. This means there are other things that form the composition of the fracking water that might either contaminate it or not.

The second source by Bill claims how hard it is to clean fracking water; hence it is also in line with the question. The last two sources are very closely related to the question as they tend to talk about the components of the fracking water and recycling it. The sources also seem credible since they seem to have been extracted from websites that are monitored by the administration to ensure that only credible materials are posted on them. The question is made interesting by the fact that one would actually be eager to know what components of fracking water are responsible for the contamination of the drinking water, and in what way.

The audiences may be interested in knowing whether or not the fracking water contaminates the drinking water. The question can be found to be important by the kind of audience interested in consuming such kind of water and maybe keen about the kind water they take for drinking or one carrying out a research on the components of the fracking water.

I also find it important and interesting since it will help me know what kind of water is safe for me for drinking. This question, therefore, calls for research to be carried out in order to determine whether the claims are either true or false.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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