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The paper 'Telstra Corporation Limited - Social Media Engagement Policy " is a good example of a business case study.   Telstra Corporation Limited is an Australian mobile telecommunications company that is engaged in the building and also, the operations of networks that serve telecommunications purposes. Telstra Corporation Limited is also a media company, operating in different areas of the mass media networks, involving itself in such activities as pay television, products concerning entertainment, internet access and various digital services. In principle, Telstra Corporation Limited is a giant and leader within the Australian telecommunications and media industry, as well as within the global telecommunications industry.

The company also concerns itself with the provision of communication solutions to private customers as well as to different business organizations, firms, companies and even some governmental agencies. To all these customers, it provides services and content involved with ongoing media issues that affect most of them in their business operations and undertakings. Owing to the fact that Telstra Corporation Limited has a very huge clientele that varies from private customers to larger business organizations, it has become a necessity for the telecommunications giant to formulate effective customer service relations and schemes.

The aim of an effective customer service provision scheme is to enable the firm to articulate a stronger and dedicated brand in the highly competitive telecommunications industry. Having a stronger and dedicated brand will definitely translate into a successful competition and increased penetration into the dynamic Australian as well as the global telecommunications industry as a whole (Quinn-Allan, 2012, p. 78). Due to the increase in the usage of social media networks and channels in the telecommunications industry, it has been observed that many social network users are using the readily available platforms to talk about among other things various brands in different sectors of the economy.

This revelation has influenced and jolted Telstra Corporation Limited into venturing social media networks and channels in order to conduct effective digital marketing and consumer engagements. Nevertheless, with the increased involvement of the telecommunications giant into these social media networks and channels, there has been a necessity also for both the formulation and implementation of certain policies in order to ensure that the company adheres to sound ethical practices even on the internet platform(Quinn-Allan, 2012, p. 78). Question 1a Facebook is one of the biggest and most popular platforms of social media networks that exist on the internet.

Currently, it has an estimated one billion active users, making it a very potent force for various business organizations and even newly started companies. Many different users of the social media networks use it for different purposes as they deem fit. There are some users who use it for general interaction with family members and their close or distant relatives.

There are some who predominantly use Facebook to catch up on information with old-timers and high school/university colleagues that they have not seen or heard from in many years. There are some of the users who actually only use it to make new acquaintances and meet other people who were never part of their lives but also share the same ides, professions and interests. This type of Facebook users may surprisingly not even be in contact with close friends or family and relatives on their Facebook accounts; they want to keep it from family and friends as much as they can.

Other Facebook users use it to promote their business ventures and marketing of businesses, as is the case with huge business organizations and companies.


Quinn-Allan, D. (2012). Telstra - The 3 Rs of Social Media Engagement. In George& B. Michael (Eds), Advertising: an Integrated Marketing Communication Perspective (pp.78-81), North Ryde, N.S.W: McGraw Hill.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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