Essays on Reading in Intergrated Marketing Communication Research Paper

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The paper "Reading in Integrated Marketing Communication" is an excellent example of a research paper on marketing. With the diversified adoption of technology in communication, marketing has since benefited from the same. Marketing has revolutionary changed from the traditional print adverts to electronic and online campaigns. Both the sellers and the consumers have adopted online marketing based on the advantage of accessing online marketing services that are available in both wireless and mobile communication networks. The advantage of this form of marketing to markets is the advantage of reaching and making contact with each consumer individually.

With these averages and potential, there are several challenges that come with mobile marketing; security in making payments, a guarantee of the said products in form and design, turnaround time and privacy of consumer information, data, and details. This study will seek to establish what several writers have said about these matters and any other arising issues then identify the information gaps regarding the issues. These risks will be addressed with regard to mobile applications, QR codes and web 2.0 and any other marketing tool operating on mobile platforms. Introduction Mobiles are the most common forms of advertising today and the highest growing form of shopping (Munteanu, 2011).

This form of marketing communication is widely used based on five factors. Ubiquity; mobiles are available everywhere and anytime. Reachability; A marketer is guaranteed of reaching the target consumer so long as the mobile device is on and the act is under real-time status. Convenience; the environment within which the user and the mobile device operate is one of ease and it is this which mobile marketers rely on for convenience.

Connectivity; in most cases, the connection of a mobile device to the internet and to the network is instant. Lastly, content-sensitivity; in most cases, the mobile app is able to sense the kind of content the user is trafficking and presenting adverts which are in the same content-line. Today, most information gets shared through the internet and applications are the current tools of this mode of communication (Benou & Bitos, 2008). The promotion of this is by the milestones made recently in the wireless and mobile communication technologies. As marketing is all about communication and the message to be communicated target to each individual consumer, mobiles present the most appropriate form of marketing communication.

The advantage of mobiles which has made them the perfect choice for marketers is that everyone has his or her own. Mobiles are also portable and because every person walks around with a mobile, one can get reached regardless of where they are so long as there is network coverage (Bellman, 2011).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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