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Reading response One of the challenges that every employed mother faces is how to bring up her children, and at the sametime provide for the family. According to most recent reports, most women have resorted to building their career than being there for their family. In connection to this, the main aim of this paper is to review an article by Lynet Uttal: Custodial care, Surrogate care, and coordinated care. The author talks about how women feel about leaving their children, for someone to bring up. According to the author, most women do not like someone else binging up their children, however, at certain times due to work pressures they are forced to leave their children under the protection of someone else (Uttal 291).

In order to reach such a conclusion, the author carried out a study, where she collected data from women who are employed and their house helps (Uttal 295). The data obtained by the author is true, because most women do not like leaving their children to be brought up by someone else. However, ironically most of the house helps do mistreat some of the children even though themselves they are still women and they know the connection a mother has towards their children.

Apart from that, there has been an increase of cases where house helps run away with a child they are supposed to protect, and then they start asking for ransom money from the child’s parents. After reading the article, I have realised that the author only used 31 samples. In connection to this, I would like to know if this number is representative of how mothers feel about someone bringing up their children. BibliographyUttal, Lynet.

“Custodial care, Surrogate care, and coordinated care: Employed mothers and meaning of child care. ” Gender and Society. 10.3 (1996): 291-311. Print

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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